Frequently Asked Questions on Low-Air-Loss Mattresses

How long does it take a low air loss mattress to inflate?

True low air loss mattress systems will inflate in 5 minutes.

One section of the low air loss mattress has not inflated. Is something wrong?

No, this is common problem that can easily be solved. The most common problem is a kink in the air hose. Open the cover and check the air tubes under the cells that run along the inside of the mattress. Massage the hose with your fingers to make sure there is not a kink in the hose. Apply some weight to the mattress and allow some time for the mattresses pump to reinflate all the sections.

Can a low air loss mattress be inflated faster than 20 minutes?

Yes you can use a standard hand or powered pump by connecting it to the CPR tag. Removing the CPR tag will open a direct valve that allows air to flow quickly into the mattress at a faster pace.

What will happen in case of a power failure? Will the mattress system still work?

  • APM mattress systems feature the Cell-in-Cell designed air cells. This means the inner cells will stay inflated for at least 24-hrs when there is no electricity.
  • Some other mattress system have 2-layers of air cells and bottom cells acts as same function of the inner cells.
  • Our other systems have a pocket at the mattress base for you to insert a layer of foam to give patients a peace of mind if so happens.

How do you know if the pressure setting of the mattress is suitable for the patients weight?

If there is bottoming-out that means the pressure setting is inadequate (or too low) for the patient. Bottoming-out can be checked by sliding your hand between the deflated air cell and directly under the patient. Patient should be able to feel the minimal contact. If there is an incident of bottoming-out, simply adjust the pressure range a little higher.

How to clean the mattress and pump?

Wipe the pump with a damp cloth and a mild detergent and keep it away from dust. Clean the mattress cover and air cells by using a gentle laundry detergent allowing the unit to air dry.