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Founded in 1989 as a sports medicine company specializing in bracing and cold therapy, Breg helps simplify and elevate orthopedic patient care by delivering high-quality products and comprehensive partnerships. Breg built its reputation on 360° customer care, a foundation of the organization today. In the course of recent years, Breg has changed from a product business into a total solutions provider leveraging the company’s industry-leading strengths in consulting, technology and services.

Why Choose Breg Products?

Breg helps to simplify and elevate orthopedic patient care by delivering high-quality products and comprehensive partnerships.

Breg gives amazingly simple items, administrations, innovation and counseling to improve the quality and lower the expense of the orthopedic scene, from moderate treatment to pre and post-medical procedure. The second-biggest U.S. supplier of orthopedic supporting, Breg is accomplice to 2,500 facilities, more than 6,000 orthopedic specialists and 1,500 Integrated Delivery Networks, giving Sports Medicine and recovery Products to one million patients yearly.

Breg, Inc. manufactures sports medicine products and services for orthopedic patient care. The company offers knee braces, cold therapy products, hip braces, shoulder braces, elbow/wrist braces, spine braces, foot/ankle braces and home therapy kits, canes, crutches, walkers and orthopedic practice solutions. We at HPFY stores, offer Cold Therapy, Knee Pad, Wrist Pro Brace, Ankle Support with Tibia Strap and Neoprene Knee Support/Brace.

Cold Therapy System

Cold Therapy System is the general utilization of low temperature to perform the therapeutic treatment. Cold Therapy is utilized to relieve muscle pain, sprains and swelling after tissue damage or medical surgery. It offers an enormous scope of treatments from the utilizing of ice packs or submersion in ice showers to the utilization of cold chambers.

Knee Braces and Supports

Knee braces and supports are worn as a medium to alleviate knee torment. these are utilized to avert damage during games. These backings are well-being aids help that comforts in everyday living. Prevention and treatment of a wide range of knee wounds are made simple with knee supports. Knee support is made of assorted blends of materials like metal, froth, plastic, and ties, accessible in differed hues, shapes, and sizes.