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Eko DUO ECG + Digital Stethoscope

Stethoscopes are diagnostic tools that help in listening to the heartbeat or breathing. They consist of a headset, tubing and chest piece. Chest piece is placed against the chest to diagnose the patient. Health Products For You provides different types of stethoscopes including cardiology stethoscopes, electronic stethoscopes, Littmann stethoscopes, Sprague Rappaport stethoscopes and pediatric stethoscopes. These stethoscopes are designed by some top-selling manufacturers like 3M Medical, MDF Instruments, Medline Industries, Omron Healthcare. etc.

Cardiology Stethoscopes

Cardiology stethoscopes are designed to be used by doctors in cardiology field and cardiovascular surgery. These type of stethoscopes usually have shorter and thicker tubing for better sound transmission. They allow users to hear low and high frequency sounds more clearly.

Electronic Stethoscopes

Electronic stethoscopes have a sound analysis software that electronically amplifies the sound obtained from the chest piece. They have a LCD screen that displays information like current heart rate, level of amplification, remaining battery life, etc.

Littmann Stethoscopes

Littmann stethoscopes are known to provide enhanced acoustic performance with better hearing ability of high-frequency sounds. They come in beautiful combinations of different chest piece finishes and tubing colors.

Pediatric Stethoscopes

Pediatric stethoscopes are used for the physical diagnosis and monitoring of pediatric patients. They help in listening to the heart, lung and other body sounds. The main difference between the standard and pediatric stethoscope is in the size and color of the chest piece.

Sprague Rappaport Stethoscopes

Sprague Rappaport stethoscopes feature double tubing design that transmits the faintest of sounds. They allow doctors and nurses to hear the sound clearly. Sprague stethoscopes help in detecting all types of heart and chest sounds.

Stethoscope Accessories

Stethoscope accessories include all those products which are required with the stethoscopes to enhance their performance. At HPFY, there is a variety of stethoscope accessories available including stick discs, sealing ear tips and identification tags.