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Skin Barriers for Ostomy

An ostomy renders an opening in the abdomen through which body wastes exit out instead of passing through the anus. In most cases, the patient has to live with the stoma throughout the life. It brings major changes, and it becomes difficult to adapt to that life. Maintaining a healthy stoma is crucial to avoiding potentially serious health issues down the road. Fortunately, good ostomy supplies from quality makers available so that you can continue to live a comfortable and normal life even with your ostomy. Ostomy Supplies are considered medically necessary for use on a person with a stoma. The basic requirement in ostomy products is an ostomy skin barrier and a collection pouch. An ostomy skin barrier, also known as a wafer or flange, is an ostomy device made to fit around the stoma. It fixes the peristomal skin creating a seal around the stoma to prevent leakage and maintains a secure connection between the pouch and the stoma.

The skin barrier is the most important part of the pouching system because it protects your skin from stoma output and keeps your pouch in place. There are many skin barrier options to protect your skin, available at Health Products For You. Your choice depends on your stoma, output, and other factors, such as sensitivity to tape. The ostomy barrier adheres to the peristomal skin and provides a snug fit around the stoma to ensure no leakage. The stoma will appear swollen and enlarged just after surgery and is usually pink or red. It will gradually shrink in size over the next few weeks. Therefore, when buying your ostomy medical supplies in the first few weeks, the stoma is measured regularly as its size will keep changing. Gradually, the frequency of measurement will lessen. The better the fitting of the barrier, the lesser the chances of leakage, infections, and irritability.

Standard-wear ostomy skin barriers are more suitable as part of colostomy supplies. The extended-wear skin barrier prevents skin irritation and provides additional protection from stoma output. It is best for the patient to have both Ileostomy and urostomy. Because of its spread-out design, the extended-wear ostomy skin barrier provides extra protection from skin irritation.

Types of Skin Barriers at HPFY


It is designed for people whose stoma output is mostly liquid. It swells up to better protect the stoma and peristomal skin. This effect helps create a more secure seal without harming the skin. In the cut-to-fit type ostomy supplies, the skin barrier is cut per the stoma’s unique size. Before buying a cut-to-fit flange, measure the stoma size. You must purchase an ostomy skin barrier with a flange that is at least 1/2" (13mm) larger than the widest diameter of the stoma. If you don’t get the size, you want then opt for the next size. Then trace the stoma size in the center of the white release paper at the back of the skin barrier. Keep the small starter hole in the center of your tracing. Cut along the traced line with a pair of scissors. Convatec is offering many types of skin barriers that need to be cut to fit the stoma opening.


This type of skin barrier needs no cutting since it has already been cut. Available in an extensive form of sizes to deal with your stoma. So, this type is ready to go. If your stoma fits the size they offer, then these can save you a lot of time. So, you need to select the one that best suits you. Normally, pre-cut barriers are not suggested immediately after ostomy as stoma size changes and takes time to settle down. Genairex Securi-T Pre-cut Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Strip is a good example of a pre-cut skin barrier. Additionally, it is also used on top of the picture frame of the appliance for security or below to fill in skin irregularities. It is great for those with tape allergies or irritation.


The moldable ostomy skin barrier is designed to settle snugly around the stoma, increasing wear time. It protects from leakages and increases comfort since the stoma and surrounding skin are not exposed to stoma output. Moldable technology provides greater skin protection to people with sensitive skin. The ConvaTec Esteem Synergy Stomahesive Standard Wear Skin Barrier is made with moldable technology.

Flat Vs Convex Wafers

Ostomy skin barriers can also be convex or flat. A flat barrier, like the name suggests, lies flat on the skin without any bulge. It is suitable for those with a regular shape stoma. A convex type has some protrusion on its back. Someone with irregular stoma shape and skin contours can opt for the convex type ostomy supplies to provide a more secure seal and better wear time. Convex type prevents leakage and related skin issues. One need not have to change the pouching system more frequently.

Where to buy Skin Barriers online?

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