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Medical stools come in various styles and designs and form an indispensable part of hospital examination rooms. We have a range of task chairs, exam stools, treatment stools that are used by doctors and healthcare professionals for a wide range of procedures. Medical stools contain various features like seat, castors, built in handles for support, 360 degree rotation and much more. These stools are built to enhance maneuverability and comfort. They provide the patient to move around the room while being seated good for people with poor body strength due to illness.

Medical Stools can be Used For

  • Examination of patients  

  • Medical research  

  • Minor surgical procedures  

  • Laboratory use  

  • Transportation purposes (stools with wheels)  

  • MRI or radiology uses

Types of Medical Stools

  • Foot Stools: These stools are designed to place your feet on them. These stools are often used in conjugation with treatment tables or hospital beds that are too high for the patient’s feet to touch the ground. These stools are built with sturdy materials and are slip resistant. Rubber tips help in preventing slipping hazards. 

  • Adjustable/Pneumatic Stools: These are round stools made with sturdy materials. They can be extended up to a certain height. They come with high quality casters for all types of surfaces including flooring. 

  • Bariatric Stools: These stools come with a high weight capacity. They come with slip resistant tip to eliminate the risk of falls. Bariatric stools are made from sturdy materials and also come in foldable styles for convenient styles.  

  • Exam Stools: These are stools made of sturdy materials and come with wheels. They are mostly used in examination rooms for convenience to doctors and therapists. 

  • Mobile/Scooter Stool: These stools are supplied with wheels for mobility purposes. They have a padded seat for added comfort. 

  • Revolving Stools: These stools turn 360 degrees for examination purposes. And come with wheels and a sturdy frame. 

  • Storage Stools: These are special stools that come along with a storage space under the seat. 

Medical stools are often designed with 4-5 legs mostly with casters or tips on each leg. Casters in these stools are designed in a variety of formats and designs to meet the specific needs for which the stool is intended. Some are even lockable for safety purposes while providing the desired maneuverability. The padded seats provide comfort to the person sitting on the chair. Try the Armedica Adjustable Pneumatic Stool, Medline Chrome Footstool with Rubber Mat or the Ideal Nestable Foot Stool for you medical facility or home.

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