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Adaptive Cooking Equipment at HPFY

  • Rocker Knives: Rocker knives are moved in to and fro direction to cut meat and other foods. They have stainless steel blades for fine cutting. 
  • Cutting Board: Cutting board is used to hold food in place for peeling, cutting or grating. It has suction cup feet so that it is secured to the work surface and does not slide away. 
  • Mortar and Pestle: Mortar and pestle are used to crush and grind herbs, spices, grains, nuts, teas and even pills. This method of grinding releases best flavor in seeds, spices and garlic. 
  • Food Slicer: Food slicer is used to slice various food items in different shapes, sizes and thickness. 
  • Peeler: Peeler is used to remove the inedible outer layers of vegetables with ease. It leaves all the edible portion underneath the outer layers intact. 
  • Dish Brush and Sponge: Dish brush and sponges are used to wash utensils and give extra shine without any use of harmful chemicals.

Meal Preparation Aids, as the name suggests, are designed to help users in the preparation of meals. These aids not only help in meal preparation but also assist in preservation of breads, garlics and many other items. They include rocker knives, cutting board, mortar and pestle, food slicer, peeler, dish brush and sponges, etc. Health Products For You offers a wide variety of tools for meal preparation from popular manufacturers including Frontier Natural Products, Full Circle Home, North Coast Medical, Medline Industries, etc.