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For most people, reading is a peaceful and relaxing task. But for many with limited strength and dexterity, it becomes tedious task with no enjoyment. Reading aids like book holders and page turners help these people regain their interest in reading again. Book holders can reduce the strain that is put on hands, arms, shoulders and back while holding a book. Page turners can help those with poor dexterity to turn pages with great ease and convenience. All these assistive devices can alleviate reading problems and make it a pleasurable experience all over once again. They are manufactured by some popular and recognized manufacturers like MTM Medical, Performance Health, etc.

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Health Products For You offers a wide range of page turners and book holders. Whether lying in bed cozied up with a novel or reclining in the favorite chair, the unique design of these reading aids allow the users to have a comfortable reading experience. Their ease of use allows them to be used by people of all age groups. By using them, users can read more comfortably with reduced amount of strength required to hold the books and turn the pages.

Book Holders

Book holders, as the name suggests are used to hold books. For people with limited upper mobility and poor hand strength they can prove to be very helpful. While holding books, they maintain an angle that is comfortable for reading. Book holders for reading in bed provide hands-free convenience and alleviate the pressure from neck and back. Most of them can hold magazines and books of any thickness. Some models like LEVO G2 Book Holder Floor Stand can easily be adjusted to suit various seating positions. It can also be folded when not needed.

Page Turners

Constantly turning pages can be strenuous for individuals with limited dexterity. Book page turners can help such people in turning pages of a book, magazine or newspaper. They are simply constructed of a stick, which is held in hands or mouth, with a plastic or rubber tip that is used to turn pages. By using page turners like Straight Wand Mouth Stick, users are no more required to turn or separate pages with their fingers.