Special Tomato Soft Touch Floor Sitter Kit
Special Tomato Soft Touch Floor Sitter Kit

Special Tomato Soft Touch Floor Sitter Kit

Brand/Manufacturer: BERGERON
  • Latex Free

For children 1-9 years of age

Special Tomato Soft Touch Floor Sitter Kit offers proper seating positioning to children with mild to moderate physical involvement. Floor Wedge is a rigid base onto which Soft-Touch Sitter can be attached. It provides superior stability and lifts the sitter slightly off the floor. “Close to the floor position” helps the children with special needs to come up to the level of their peers while playing or during circle activities. SoftTouch Floor Sitter is made from a soft-to-touch material, which is antimicrobial, impermeable to fluids, latex free and peel and tear resistant. Special Tomato Sitter can be positioned on the Floor Sitter Wedge in different angles to provide the perfect support for child.

Shipping Charges Applicable

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
78010104 Size 1, Aqua Seat Gray Base Each $21.50
78010109 Size 1, Gray Seat Gray Base Each $21.50
78010102 Size 1, Lilac Seat Gray Base Each $21.50
78010202 Size 2, Lilac Seat Gray Base Each $25.00
78010209 Size 2, Gray Seat Gray Base Each $25.00
78010204 Size 2, Aqua Seat Gray Base Each $25.00
78010304 Size 3, Aqua Seat Gray Base Each $30.00
78010309 Size 3, Gray Seat Gray Base Each $30.00
78010302 Size 3, Lilac Seat Gray Base Each $30.00

Soft Touch Floor Sitter Kit

Standard Features Include:

  • Soft-Touch Sitter combined with the Floor Wedge and four lockable castors allow it to easily maneuver and tilt up to 25°
  • Attachment straps for securing to Wedge and other standard chairs and strollers
  • Adjustable 5-point positioning harness made of the microfiber material
  • Soft contoured seat with anti-thrust seating surface
  • Built-in abductor
  • Contoured head and lateral supports
  • Soft, supportive and provides comfortable and affordable alternative seating
  • Cleans easily with common disinfectants
  • Sitter can be removed from the base and securely attached to standard chairs found in the home, school or community
  • Seat parts of Sizes 1 and 2 can be inserted into the Special Tomato Eio Push Chair or Jogger to give a comfortable mobility solution
  • Great at home when friends or siblings are playing together with the child that needs the positioning support and all can sit on the floor together
  • Also available (separately):
  • -Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter Only (Code 77020104

Soft Touch Material:

Soft Touch material outer skin prevents the product from peeling or tearing and also prevents liquid from penetrating the core. It is cool and smooth reducing the possibility of children skin sticking to the seating surface. The soft to touch inner core is the specially formulated foam that allows for children to sit comfortably for longer periods of time.

Standard Features Include:

More On Soft Touch Floor Sitter Kit

Five Point Harness System

  • Pelvic harness is attached at a 45 degree angle and lies across the hips of the patient at the proper angle that does not move right up into their tummy creating UTI and discomfort
  • Fully adjustable pelvic depth and width adjustment
  • Single release button releases both sides
  • Pelvic straps have locks built into them, called Cam Locks and are present on both sides of the pelvic straps
  • In order to release it, push on both sides and little cam lock will click and release
  • Allows to make adjustment for child, once they are in there, no further readjustment is required Child can be put right back in the sitter and everything is locked down nice and tight
  • Chest harness is adjusted at the top and this moves up and down Straps are also present for the buckles that will cover the clavicle area

How To Re-Thread Five Point Harness System?

  • For attaching the pelvic harness, take the crotch strap and thread it up through the bottom of the sitter so they lie nice and flat along the bottom. Put up for the one side and then the other side.
  • After attaching the pelvic harness, attach the chest harness. One part goes underneath the seat and there is a strap that clips on and goes over the shoulders.
  • Put strap on first thread that right through makes sure that the straps are nice and flat with no twists.
  • Now clip the strap that gives a nice anchor to hold onto and then take the one side and just run it right down beside the pelvic strap.
  • Now run it right through the loop so that all the straps are nice and neat. Run it right up the other side and it attaches right into the other chest harness.
  • When you wash these it is really a good idea to keep it clipped together so you do not have to rethread the pads and everything, and just put it in like a mesh bag or something and wash it all together and it should come out beautifully. 
  • Harness System can be put in the washer but it is not advisable to put this in dryer.


ParticularsSize 1Size 2Size 3
Target Weight20lb to 30lb (9kg to 14kg)30lb to 60lb (14kg to 27kg)40lb to 80lb (18kg to 36kg)
Target Height30" to 35" (75cm to87.5cm)35" to 48" (87.5cm to 120cm)40" to 56" (100cm to 140cm)
Target Age1 to 2 years2 to 6 years6 to 9 years
Inside Seat Depth 7" (17.5cm) 9.5" (23.75cm) 11.5" (28.75cm)
Inside Seat Width 8" (20cm) 10" (25cm)12" (30cm)
Seat Back Height 21" (52.5cm) 26" (65cm) 29" (72.5cm)
Overall Seat Depth 12" (30cm) 14" (35cm) 16" (40cm)
Overall Seat Width12" (30cm)14" (35cm)16" (40cm)
Overall Seat Height25" (62.5cm)29" (72.5cm)34" (85cm)
Weight of Seat6lb (2.7kg)10lb (4.5kg)13lb (6kg)
Floor to Seat Height Upright on Floor Base5" (12.7cm)5.5" (13.8cm)5.5" (13.8cm)
Floor to Seat Height Tilted on Floor Base4.5" (11.4cm)4.5" (11.4cm)5" (12.7cm)
Floor to Seat Height Upright on Stationary Base9.25" (23.5cm)9.25" (23.5cm)9.4" (24cm)
Floor to Seat Height Tilted on Stationary Base9.25" (23.5cm)9.6" (24.4cm)10" (25.5cm)
Floor to Seat Height Upright on Mobile Base 12.5" (31.8cm) 13.1" (33.3cm)13" (33cm)
Floor to Seat Height Tilted on Mobile Base12.75" (32.4cm)13.5" (34.3cm)13.5" (34.3cm)


5 Year Warranty

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Can I use the Soft-Touch Sitter as a car seat?
Laverene - 3/23/2017 2:46:08 AM
answer image
No Soft-Touch Sitter cannot be used as a car seat.
Customer Care - 3/24/2017 12:25:03 AM
question image
What is the difference between a Sitter and a Multi Positioning Seat?
John - 3/23/2017 2:44:39 AM
answer image
Special Tomato Sitter is a seat for children who need less support when sitting. The Sitter can be attached to a chair or used on the tilt or mobile tilt wedge base. It can also fit into some strollers for extra support. Multi Positioning Seat is for children who require more support when seating. It can be used attached to a chair, on the mobile base, with the push chair or as a car seat.
Customer Care - 3/24/2017 12:24:53 AM
question image
How can I clean the seat?
Charles - 3/23/2017 2:43:20 AM
answer image
Soft Touch Floor Sitter is anti-microbial and cleans easily with common disinfectants.
Customer Care - 3/24/2017 12:24:43 AM
question image
Can you buy just the seat if you already have the base
Cindy carbpneau - 12/18/2015 3:01:40 PM
answer image
Than you for reaching out to us. We do have seat available with us. Please find the link for:
Special Tomato Soft Touch Sitter Only
Customer Care - 12/19/2015 12:48:48 AM
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