Frequently Asked Questions on Clavicle Support

What are clavicle braces used for?

Clavicle brace are used to treat fractures of the clavicle that occours mostly in adults and children who play high impact sports.

What are the benefits of a clavicle brace?

Clavicle braces keeps the collarbone area immobilized after a fracture during the period of recovery. It wraps around the shoulders to hold the shoulders straight and keep the clavicle stable.

When and how should you wear a clavicle support?

A doctor may prescribe you a clavicle support for a simple clavicle break that do not require any realignment of the bone or fragmentation. You will need someone to tighten the brace. This will help prevent furthur injury.

How is a clavicle brace made?

A clavicle brace is constructed with fully padded foam straps that maximize patient comfort. Hook and loop closure allows for easy adjustments and the D-rings that are movable provides for optimal fit.

How do you know if you have a clavicle injury?

A Clavicle injury is suspected if you feel pain in the upper part of the chest and shoulder while moving along with swelling bruising, tenderness to injured area, dizziness, fever, or irritation.