Frequently Asked Questions on Wheelchair

To whom does a wheelchair benefit?

Wheelchairs are designed for people with walking difficulties due to illness, injury, or disability.

How can a wheelchair be controlled by the attendant?

An attendant propels the wheelchair using handles, which is the reason why the back wheels are rimless and often smaller. These chairs are used as transfer chairs to move patients around places like hospitals and airports.

How are Self propelled wheelchairs different from attendant propelled wheelchairs?

Self-propelled wheelchairs are driven independently by the occupant while an attendant propelled chair is designed to be propelled by an attendant or caregiver. Self-propelled wheelchairs possess large wheels with a diameter of approximately 20” – 26” and rims on the outside that allows for the user to propel the chair. On the contrary attendant propelled chairs are fitted with small wheels with hand brakes for easy maneuver.

What are activity wheelchairs?

Activity chairs are designed for children to play along with their peers. The streamlined design and lightweight frame provide the child with a durable racer perfect for play. The rugged composite frame comes with sport style. Highly adjustable frame allows the chair to grow with the child.

How do power wheelchairs operate?
Power wheelchairs are driven by a motor and battery. They run on a sophisticated mechanism. They can be operated with a joy stick or push buttons. Some wheelchairs can can climb up stairs, move across gravel and even raise up to give access to high shelves. Power chairs need strong frames to support the motor and battery.