Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Treatment Tables

What are the various types of medical treatment tables available?

Types of treatment tables are:
  • Manual adjustable tables
  • Power adjustable exam tables
  • Static treatment tables
  • Mat tables
  • Pediatric treatment tables
  • Portable treatment tables

What features do Power adjustable treatment tables exhibit?

  • Power adjustable treatment tables provide a soft, stable surface to support patients during treatment 

  • They allow the healthcare professional to effortlessly adjust the table to an ideal height for the therapy or exam. 

  • Found in almost any healthcare location including doctor’s offices, chiropractic centers, physical therapy and rehab facilities, hospitals and nursing homes.

What are Chiropractic Treatment tables?

Chiropractic treatment tables feature cervical, thoracic, lumbar and/or pelvic sections with manual or pneumatic “drops.” As the chiropractor applies a quick thrust, the table section drops, working with the chiropractor and allowing for a gentler adjustment.

What is the weight capacity of a bariatric treatment table?

Bariatric treatment tables accommodate patients with a weight of upto 800 or 1000 pounds.

What additional benefits do portable treatment tables offer?

These tables fold for easy carrying, and some also include the convenience of a carrying case. Portable tables can be accessed at any place according to the convenience of the healthcare provider.