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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Medical Treatment Tables

Types of treatment tables are:
  • Manual adjustable tables
  • Power adjustable exam tables
  • Static treatment tables
  • Mat tables
  • Pediatric treatment tables
  • Portable treatment tables

  • Power adjustable treatment tables provide a soft, stable surface to support patients during treatment 

  • They allow the healthcare professional to effortlessly adjust the table to an ideal height for the therapy or exam. 

  • Found in almost any healthcare location including doctor’s offices, chiropractic centers, physical therapy and rehab facilities, hospitals and nursing homes.

Chiropractic treatment tables feature cervical, thoracic, lumbar and/or pelvic sections with manual or pneumatic “drops.” As the chiropractor applies a quick thrust, the table section drops, working with the chiropractor and allowing for a gentler adjustment.

Bariatric treatment tables accommodate patients with a weight of upto 800 or 1000 pounds.

These tables fold for easy carrying, and some also include the convenience of a carrying case. Portable tables can be accessed at any place according to the convenience of the healthcare provider.

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