Frequently Asked Questions on Column Scales

What are the special features of Column Scale?
  • Many of the column scales in can calculate BMI - made even easier with optional height measures
  • Printers are also available for a permanent recording of a patient's weight
  • Body composition scales measure BMI, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, Total Body Water and Body Fat Percentage, in addition to weight
Do hospital scales need any certification?

All hospital weighing scales must be class III approved, serviced regularly and must only weigh in grams and kilograms.

What popular column scales are available?

Health O meter physician beam scale is the most popular scale.

What are the extra features that come with Column Scales?

Column scales come with functions like height measurement function, eye or waist level beam, BMI function etc. for effective physical examination.

Does the scale require caliberation?

Yes patient scales must be caliberated once in a year or two and certified for accuracy.