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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Insulin Coolers

Insulin cooling wallets and cases help in keeping insulin cool while travelling. Cooling wallets offer a convenient medication cooling system that works using only water.

  • The wallet must be immersed in cold water for the appropriate length of time.
  • The crystals contained in the panels of the wallet will absorb the water and expand into a gel
  • Once the crystals turn into a gel like substance does the evaporation process begins
  • This occurs when air reacts with the gel creating the cooling effect
  • When your cooling wallet is activated, it is important that the wallet should be in constant contact with air to enable the evaporation process and must not be placed in any air tight container or bag
  • As water is evaporating it is creating the cooling effect

Used appropriately, once the cooling wallet has been immersed in water for the proper amount of time and is exposed to air, it will produce a cooling effect for a minimum of 45 hours (Based on a constant environmental temperature of 100°F.)

A cooling wallet will have an internal temperature between 60°F-72°F, depending on the climate which the wallet is exposed to.

Yes, cooling wallets can hold other medications that require a storage temperature between 60°F-72°F. It is necessary that you contact your healthcare provider or the manufacturer of the drug you would like to carry in a cooling wallet to ensure that it will be at the correct storage temperature inside the cooling wallet.

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