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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Lancets and Lancing Devices

Lancets must be changed each time you test your blood glucose. Lancets are designed for single-use only, and the more you use a lancet, the more it hurts. In order to reduce the risk of infection by using a new lancet each time you test.

No, Lancing devices should never be shared with anyone and are intended for single patient use only.

You can Lance your finger toward the sides of your fingertips, rather than in the middle to help reduce the pain of lancing. The sides of your fingertips have more blood vessels but not as many nerve endings. Given this, lancing on the sides usually does not hurt as much as it would in the middle of the fingertip.

You should Lance your finger deep enough to get an adequate amount of blood without pressing much. The depth may vary from finger to finger. The numbers on the lancing device will help indicate your depth setting: 5 being the deepest and 1 the lightest.

Yes. The expiration date is printed on the lancet package. After this sterilization is not guaranteed by the manufacturer.

28 Gauge, 31 Gauge and 33 Gauge. The smaller the gauge number the thicker the needle – i.e. In this case a 28 Gauge lancet has a thicker needle than a 33 Gauge.

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