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Frequently Asked Questions On Control Solution

Glucose control test solution provides a way to check that your Blood Glucose Monitoring System (meter and strips) are working optimally to deliver accurate and precise results.

Control solution is a mixture of sugar, water and other stabilizers. Control solution does not contain any blood cells, interferents, or blood products and hence is less viscous than blood. Control Solution reacts differently than blood when applied to the test strip. Therefore, the results of a glucose control test do not reflect a true blood glucose value.

It is important to run periodic control tests to ensure that the meter and test strips are functioning and giving reliable results. These tests are strongly recommended:

  • When the meter is new 
  • before using a new batch of test strips 
  • When the cap has been left off of the strip vial, allowing the strips to oxidize
  • When the strips have been stored in an area of extreme temperature and/or humidity
  • When the machine has just been thoroughly cleaned 
  • When test results do not coincide with how you feel 
  • When the test is repeated and the levels are not what is expected
  • When you want to verify that you are performing the test correctly

  • Squeeze a drop of control solution onto a tissue, then wipe the tip of the bottle clean as the solution is basically sugar in water with a few additives, and can dry out in the bottle tip as the water evaporates, leaving a concentrated solution on the tip, which may result in an inaccurate reading
  • The next step is to apply a drop of control solution onto a clean non-porous surface, such as aluminum foil or plastic wrap and touch the tip of the test strip into the solution
  • Remove the test strip from the drop of solution as soon as the meter beeps and begins testing

  • The control ranges are located on the vial of test strips that you are using
  • Choose the result range matching the number on your glucose control solution vial to see if your system has passed the glucose control test
  • If the result on the meter is within the range on the vial that matches the number on the control solution, the meter, strips and solution pass
  • If the result on the meter is not within the acceptable range, then additional troubleshooting needs to be done
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