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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Nearly Me Forms

The different kinds of silicone breast forms include:

  • Standard weight silicone breast forms
  • Lightweight silicone breast forms  
  • Extra lightweight silicone breast forms
  • Ultra lightweight silicone breast forms

Nearly Me standard weight silicone breast forms appear very similar to the natural breast tissue that is removed after the breast surgery. They replace the natural weight of denser weight tissue removed and look natural in feel and appearance.

After breast surgery, the woman’s body needs time for healing before weighted silicone breast forms can be worn. During the period immediately after surgery, Nearly Me foam breast forms may be worn because they are lightweight and soft on the skin.

Nearly Me silicone breast forms include a line of speciality silicone breast forms that are ideal for swimming and other athletic activities. Examples are 320 Nearly Me freestyle semi round oval, 360 Nearly Me freestyle full triangle and 380 Nearly Me freestyle modified triangle.

Ultra-light silicone breast forms are 40% lighter in weight as compared to standard silicone breast forms. They are the lightest and softest feeling breast forms.

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