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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Trulife Forms

Trulife Impressions breast are light, soft, have natural feel and look and are breathable.

The heat generated from a woman’s chest wall is transferred and absorbed into the TruCool Gel of BodiCool breast forms such as Trulife 490 BodiCool Triangle Breast Form. An innovative raised channel system of the TruCool gel technology provides an optimal cooling effect and constantly draws excess heat away from the wearer’s body. As a result, temperature around the chest wall is brought down by several degrees. And until the breast forms is not removed, the body stays cool.

Trulife traditional breast forms are quite similar to the natural breast. They look very natural in their droop and movement and offer a variety of shapes and optimal weight balance.

Trulife silk breast forms are supple, natural and soft. They offer a natural drape that makes them stand out from other breast forms.

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