Frequently Asked Questions on Mastectomy Breast Forms

What is a breast form?

A breast form is an artificial breast prosthesis that has similar feel and weight like that of a natural breast. It is designed to be worn externally.

When is there a need to wear breast forms?

Breast forms are worn if the natural breast or breasts have been removed by surgery following breast cancer diagnosis or for some other reason. Wearing a breast form increases self-confidence and enhances quality of life after breast surgery.

What are breast forms made of?

Most weighted breast forms are made of silicone gel. Less expensive types are those made of foam or fiberfill.

Can I wear silicone breast form when swimming?

Yes, silicone breast forms can be worn when swimming – in a pool, ocean or Jacuzzi. They are not affected by salt or chlorine water. But they should be cleaned and dried thoroughly once you are out of the water.

What are the different breast form types?

Breast forms are available in symmetrical and asymmetrical designs. Symmetrical breast forms can be worn on either the left side of the body or the right side. On the other hand, an asymmetrical breast form fits either the right side of the body or the left side.

How to care for my breast forms?

Breast forms are durable but need to be protected from sharp objects to prevent damage to the outer film. Use warm water and mild soap for cleaning the breast form.

How long do breast forms last?

It is advised to store the breast form in a cradle for maintaining its shape and securing it from getting damaged. A two-year guarantee is offered by many manufacturers.