Frequently Asked Questions on Diaper Disposal System

Why use an adult diaper disposal system?

It is not feasible to dispose soiled adult diapers in a regular garbage bin. It will not only allow foul odor to escape into the air but create an unhygienic environment in the house. A professionally-designed adult diaper disposal system is crucial to make disposal of diaper a hygienic, quick and easy task. It seals in the diaper, locking the odor inside because of its tight sealing, self-closing lid and keeps the surroundings clean and hygienic.

How does an adult diaper disposal system work?

An adult diaper disposal system offers a smart, efficient and hygienic way of getting rid of used diapers. Once the diaper is thrown into the diaper disposal system, it wraps it in a fragranced, antibacterial film that works on all the germs within the container and kills them. It has a foot-pedal operation and hands-free disposal so there is no need to handle the container.