Frequently Asked Questions on Ostomy Accessory

How are wipes useful in ostomy care?

It is important to clean the skin well before and after use of the pouching system. Several types of wipes are available for this very purpose. They are moist and when applied to the skin, dry rapidly providing a thin protective layer between the skin and the adhesive component of the pouching system.

What are skin barrier rings?

Skin barriers rings create an even seal around the stoma thus preventing leakage and subsequent skin infection and irritation. They can be applied and removed with ease.

What are ostomy garments and how are they useful?

Ostomy garments are meant to be worn over an ostomy pouch and can be pulled on and off with ease without disturbing the pouch. Made of flexible and breathable fabric, these garments are designed to conceal and support the ostomy pouch. With an ostomy garment, the ostomate can lead an active life without worrying about the pouch showing under the clothes or getting dislodged.

What are pouch covers?

Pouch covers are meant to be used over an ostomy pouch keeping the content of a clear ostomy pouch hidden from view thus ensuring discretion.

What is a stoma cap?

Stoma caps are small pouches designed to be worn for a shorter time span unlike a regular pouch. Stoma caps are discreet under shorts and ideal for use while swimming or indulging in sports activities where a larger pouch could be cumbersome.