Frequently Asked Questions on Protective underwear and pant

What is disposable protective underwear?

Disposable protective underwear is an incontinence product designed to pull on and off like a regular underwear. It is suitable for active individuals suffering from moderate-to-heavy incontinence. This incontinence product, however, is for one-time use unlike regular underwear.

What material is used in protective underwear?

Protective underwear offers cloth-like material as an outer skin. This is better for the wearer’s skin health, breathable and softer in comparison with plastic-backed briefs.

How to dispose of protective underwear?

Protective underwear can be disposed of just as adult diapers. Almost all of them possess tear-away sides so one can rip the sides apart for easy disposal.

What are the advantages of protective underwear?

Protective underwear is highly absorbent and unnoticeable under most clothes. It has a stretchable design which allows it to be pulled on and worn just as normal underwear pair. This increases its effectiveness.