Frequently Asked Questions on Hydrocellular Dressing

What are hydrocellular dressings?

Hydrocellular dressings are bacteria- and water-resistant highly absorbent dressings. They create a moist environment for wounds allowing quick recovery. Allevyn dressings, a popular brand of hydrocellular dressings, are effective on moderate-to-high exudating wounds.

Why are hydrocellular dressings used?

Hydrocellular dressings are popular because they are gentle on the wound yet effective and provide enhanced comfort and protection to patients. The micro-thin edges of the dressing allow it to stay securely in place without shifting. Thus, it can remain on the wound for a longer term and exudate can be monitored by its outer waterproof film layer.

What are the indications of hydrocellular dressings?

Hydrocellular dressings are used on:

  • Partial-to-full thickness wounds
  • Venous, arterial, diabetic and pressure ulcers
  • Donor sites
  • Surgical excisions
  • First- and second-degree burns
ALLEVYN adhesive hydrocellular dressings:
  • Are non-irritating
  • Have low allergy adhesive
  • Prevent bacterial contamination
  • Have a waterproof outer film layer
  • Are available in multiple sizes
Howto use ALLEVYN adhesive hydrocellular dressings?
  • Choose a suitable size
  • Clean the skin around the wound to remove extra moisture
  • Place the dressing over the wound ensuring the edges do not crumple
  • When removing, lift one corner of the dressing and pull it back gently