Frequently Asked Questions on Odor Absorbent Dressings

What are odor absorbent dressings?

Odor absorbent dressings are foam matrix dressings covered with a non-woven fabric for redolent wounds that result from necrosis, bacterial contamination and infection.

What are the properties of odor absorbent dressings?

Odor absorbent dressings possess activated charcoal that absorbs odor, bacteria as well as exudate. It not only removes the molecules which cause odor but also the toxins and undesirable materials existing within the wound fluid.

When should odor absorbent dressings be used?

Odor absorbent dressings should be used for the following wound types:

  • Infected or highly colonized wounds
  • Wounds with offensive odor
  • Malignant/fungating cancerous wounds
In what forms are odor adsorbent dressings produced?

Odor absorbent dressings are available as:

  • Foams
  • Highly absorbent pads
  • In combination with alginates
What are the advantages of odor absorbent dressings?

Advantages of an odor absorbent dressing include its use as:

  • A primary dressing
  • As an exudate absorbent
  • As an odor reducing agent