Frequently Asked Questions on Gauze Dressing

What are gauze dressings?

Gauze wound dressings are dry, woven or non-woven sponges and wraps having varying degrees of absorbency, based upon the design. They are made of cotton, polyester or rayon. This wound dressing is available in sterile or non-sterile type with or without an adhesive border. Gauze dressings can be used for cleansing, packing and covering different types of wounds.

What are gauze dressings used for?

A gauze dressing helps heal wounds faster and prevent infection. It guards and cushions the wound, absorbs blood and other fluids. Further, it is used for applying ointments or rub cleansing fluids like rubbing alcohol on wounds. Gauze dressings are ideal for treating minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

When should sterile dressings be used instead of non-sterile ones?

Sterile gauze dressings should be used instead of non-sterile ones for open wounds. These dressings act as a barrier in preventing contaminants from entering the wound area. Moreover, the sterile gauze will cover and absorb any fluid that is seeping out of the wound. However, non-sterile gauze dressings can be used for cushioning, cleaning as well as absorbing areas which involve lesser risks of getting infected.

What are paraffin gauze dressings used for?

Paraffin gauze dressings can be used over superficial wound burns, skin grafts and traumatic injuries. They are used in combination with appropriate secondary dressings. The application of such a wound dressing is directly over the contact layer and it soothes as well as protects the wound. Paraffin gauze dressings protect wounds from bacteria and other antibodies thus enhancing the healing procedure.