Rectal Thermometers

Rectal thermometers are devices that are used to take the temperature of a person by inserting the thermometer into the rectum via anus. This is considered to be the most accurate way of measuring the body temperature but can sometimes be very invasive and humiliating. It is mostly used for taking the temperature of infants, children and adults with whom taking oral temperature can be risky or inaccurate. In order to take the rectal temperature one must stay still for some time, usually for less than a minute. It is good to be used in infants to get the most accurate readings.

Procedure to take rectal temperature

  1. Choose a place that does not distract the child much.
  2. Place the baby on your lap such that it faces down and uncover the area where the thermometer will be inserted. 
  3. Before taking the temperature you need to first apply a lubricant like petroleum jelly so that the thermometer slides in easily.
  4. Gently insert the thermometer inside the anal canal but do not try to force it in. Hold it in place with two fingers but not very close to the bulb end. 
  5. Let the thermometer stay in place for some time, usually a minute
  6. Digital rectal thermometer devices produce a beep sound when the temperature is received.
  7. Remove the thermometer and take the reading
  8. Wash it with cold water and soap. Rinse thoroughly.
  9. Never use the rectal thermometer like oral thermometer.

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