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Personal Hygiene Aids

Personal hygiene routine consists of cleaning and grooming the body. It includes bathing, washing hands, brushing the teeth, and many more. Maintaining proper personal hygiene protects us from many illnesses like influenza, hepatitis A, common cold, gastroenteritis, etc. Practicing good personal hygiene is an important health factor for all, but it can be a daunting task for those with disabilities or the elderly. Personal hygiene aids are designed to help people maintain personal hygiene more easily and independently. These health care aids are ideal for people with limited mobility or special needs.

Health Products For You has a wide range of aids to help with personal hygiene including facial tissues, lotion applicators, hand hygiene dispensers, ear care aids, back scratchers, facial sauna, and many other self-grooming products.

Types of Personal Hygiene Cleaning Aids

Facial Tissue

They are used for gently cleaning the skin without being harsh. These personal aids are very soft and prevent skin chafing due to constant use. Also, they are strong enough and do not tear off while using. Kimberly Clark Facial Tissue, and McKesson Facial Tissue are premium quality facial tissues that are gentle on the skin.

Lotion Applicators

Lotion applicators are designed to help users easily apply lotions, oils, creams, and ointments to their back and other hard-to-reach areas without bending and twisting. These applicators help individuals with limited mobility and dexterity to easily apply the prescribed lotions. The long handles make it easy to reach areas like the back, legs, and feet and apply cream effectively. They generally have contoured grip for ease of use and security. Replacement pads are washable and easily replaceable after removing protective backing. Replacement pads are available for these lotion applicators in case they are damaged. Some applicators come with rolling balls, which provide a soothing massage while evenly spreading the lotion. Essential Medical Lotion Applicator will help you to apply the lotion independently without any assistance. Essential Medical Lotion EZE Replacement Foam Pads are designed to be used with the EZE lotion applicator. Jobar Roll-A-Lotion Applicator has 19 balls, which massage back muscles as they spread the liquid evenly. You can massage hands or legs without getting your hands greasy.

Hand Hygiene Dispensers

A hand hygiene dispenser improves your hand hygiene greatly and cleans your hands. It is used for soap, sanitizer, and lotion refills. They are wall-mounted and easy to use. There are many hand hygiene dispensers available like DermaRite Wall Mount Hand Hygiene Dispenser, 3M Avagard Hand Hygiene Dispenser, GOJO Provon FMX-12 Wall Mount Soap Dispenser, etc.

Ear Care Aids

These products help to remove ear wax and buildup. They clean the patient's ears safely and effectively. The Ear Wax Removal Syringe Tri-Stream, the Chrome Plated Ear Syringe, and the Ear Wash System are ideal for washing and gently clearing ear wax and debris.

Back Scratchers

Back scratchers are designed to scratch hard-to-reach places on the body. They are usually bendable and can be bend as desired to scratch anywhere.

Facial Sauna

The facial sauna provides warm steam to the surface of the skin and opens up the pores. It helps remove dirt and impurities from beneath the skin's surface and leaves the skin soft and hydrated. A facial sauna can loosen blackheads, remove dead skin cells and increase blood flow. The facial brush set gently removes oil, dirt, and makeup from deep within the pores, thereby encouraging skin renewal. It helps in keeping the skin clean and healthy.

Where to buy Personal Hygiene Assistive Devices?

HPFY offers several personal hygiene aids designed to enable individuals to maintain their hygiene independently. We are dealing with safe and skin-friendly products from quality manufacturers like McKesson, Medline Industries, Graham-Field Health products, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, and many more. Shop with us and maintain good personal hygiene.

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