Amazing Garden Party Gift Ideas - Gift Your Special Ones Fun this Season

Garden party gift ideas are an amazing choice this festive season for people who are into activities such as camping, adventures, or just chilling out in the backyard on a weekend. Whatever the season, one can choose from these gift ideas to set the mood for the coming party. From a wide range of tents, hammocks, & amazing pool party items to comfortable shelters, canopies, and sleeping bags, we have all it takes to have a comfortable yet fun time with family and friends. Choose from our wide range of specialized garden party gifts and make this festive season a gala with your friends and family. At HPFY, you can even combine it with amazing barbecue gift bundles to have a quaint little evening at the park or fun filled outing with kids.

Top Eight Garden Party Gift Ideas

Halex Select Badminton Set

One of the most popular sports around the world, badminton is easy to play and can be played by almost everyone. The Halex Select Badminton Set is a full badminton set with everything one needs for backyard game. This has 4 Piece tempered steel rackets with grommets and padded grips. It has double guide rope system. It can be set up almost anywhere and is sturdy enough to stand every smash you send, flying at it. It can be easily dismantled and assembled at any time.

Features of the Halex Badminton Set

  • Sturdy octagon telescoping PVC poles
  • A comfortable height of 5'1"
  • Strong deluxe 2 Color Net: 20' x 1-1/2' Sleeve Style
  • 4 PC tempered steel rackets with grommets and padded grips

Texsport Calypso Cabana

Designed on the lines of the relaxed and jolly culture of the Caribbean, the Texsport Calypso Cabana is coated with heavy-duty polyurethane taffeta with silver coating for increased UV protection and cool comfort. It has durable rip-stop polyurethane floor to accommodate all kinds of terrains. They can be installed at almost all locations and are best suited for beaches and other soil surfaces.

Benefits of Texsport Calypso Cabana

  • Three no-see-um mesh windows with zippered storm flaps
  • Three-pole pin and ring frame system with shock-corded fiberglass poles
  • Four weight and sand bags for increased stability
  • Complete with stakes carry and storage bag

Swimline Lasershark Wet-Ski Squirter

Swimline Laser Shark Wet-Ski Squirter provides hours of combat with splashing and squirting the swimming pool buddies with the attached water pistol squirt gun that ensures an endless water supply. Laser Shark Wet Ski Squirter is a kid friendly pool toy that lets the kids creativity float and is sturdy enough to play along with the creative games kids may have in mind. Kids can enjoy hours of fun whether they are at a beach, lake or swimming pool. The bright yellow and black color and shark shape adds to the appeal of this fun pool squirter.

Features of Swimline Wet-Ski Squirter

  • Squirt gun attaches to water hose that pulls directly from pool so no refilling is necessary
  • Wide base would not tip easily while allowing most kids to keep feet in water
  • Back support lets kids lean back on float without falling in
  • Includes handles on both sides of squirt gun

Swimline Sofskin Floating Mattress

Swimline Sofskin Floating Mattress has cushy vinyl-over-foam that makes travel and storage easy. Roll it up to store or tote and unroll it in the pool or on the deck to begin your lounging time. And with heavy-duty construction, user can relax on the mattress season after season. It is completely suitable for ages 3 and above.

Benefits of Simline Floating Mattress

  • 1.5" extra thick closed cell foam construction
  • Soft, floating foam luxury mattress
  • Comfortable raised headrest
  • Never needs inflation

Texsport Montana Screen Arbor

Sometimes all you need during a adventure trek or a picnic is a shelter that not only covers your head but also protects you from insects and bugs. The Texsport Montana Screen Arbor gives shelter from the sun and protection from flying insects. It is screened in mesh walls which help to keep the bugs out while outside and features a no-see-um mesh panels with zippered entrances that can form a standard arbor.

Features of Texsport Montana Screen Arbor

  • Perfect for camping or in the backyard
  • Roof and side trim are finished with an 800mm polyurethane coat
  • 190T Polyester taffeta construction
  • Is completely flame retardant

Texsport Seaview Double Size Hammock

Lying down under the sun during the weekend comfortably is just the kind of relaxation one needs after a week of life’s hustle bustle. The Texsport Seaview Hammock s made of cool comfortable larger diameter heavy-duty cotton ropes and can be easily installed between trees, poles, or other kind of supports and is sturdy enough to support an adult human being. It is safe, comfortable and can be carried around easily.

Benefits of the Tex Sport Seaview Hammock

  • Extra wide double size
  • French braided edges for strength
  • Hardwood spreader bars and sturdy welded suspension rings
  • Heavy-duty carry/ storage bag with straps, full length zipper and informational panel

Swimline Floating Lounge Chair

Swimline Floating Lounge Chair is oversized sumptuously comfortable nylon fabric covered inflatable lounger. It is covered by the same super strong nylon fabric used by rafts and tubes towed by speedboats. It is so rugged and durable that it will give one year’s of poolside fun. Super rigid and extra comfortable, relax in cushioned comfort this season with the ultimate floating lounge chair.

Features of Swimline Lounge Chair

  • Comes with complete head, arm, and foot rests
  • Features a drink holder for quenching summer thirsts
  • Made of durable material to make sure it doesn’t tear

Solstice 2 Person Sunskiff Inflatable Boat kit

Solstice 2 Person Sunskiff Inflatable Boat Kit is ideal for pool or lake use. This heavy-duty PVC constructed boat has been designed in two sizes which can be occupied by 2-3 persons at a time. With its wrap-around grab line, the user is able to hold onto it during action times without falling into the water. Its integrated oar locks rowing even for longer distances is hassle free and let the user go on for longer hours. It includes oars and pump.

Benefits of Solstice Sunskiff Boat Kit

  • Designed for water outings with family and friends
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Ideal for most kinds of water bodies

We have a lot more to offer! Gift your loved ones a great garden party gift to make sure they have something that’s not only useful but fun for all as well.