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NicoDerm CQ Nicotine Patches to Quit Smoking

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NicoDerm CQ Patches are designed to help smokers quit smoking by reducing nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The patches deliver a controlled dose of nicotine through the skin, allowing it to enter the bloodstream and alleviate the discomfort associated with quitting smoking. The patches come in various strengths, ranging from 21 mg to 7 mg of nicotine per patch. The strength of the patch a person uses is typically based on their smoking habits and their nicotine dependence. The patches are designed to be used for a period of several weeks, gradually reducing the dose of nicotine until the individual is no longer dependent on it.

NicoDerm CQ Patches Benefits

  • Clear patches are discreet and easy-to-apply
  • Contains Nicotine Polacrilex active ingredient
  • NicoDerm CQ helps with the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking
  • FDA approved

NicoDerm CQ Nicotine Patch Features

  1. Clear backing: covers nicotine and helps prevent nicotine evaporation
  2. Drug reservoir: Unique extended release SmartControl Technology releases a steady flow of nicotine
  3. 24-hrs extended release: stores nicotin and ensures that it won't run out too soon or be delivered all at once
  4. Adhesive and release liner: sticks to your skin and delivers nicotine to help relieve cravings
NicoDerm CQ

How to choose the strength?

  • If you smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day, follow the 10-week plan.
  • Use NicoDerm CQ Step 1 (21 mg) for 6 weeks, NicoDerm CQ Step 2 (14 mg) for 2 weeks and NicoDerm CQ Step 3 (7 mg) for 2 weeks.
  • If you smoke 10 or fewer cigarettes a day, follow the 8-week plan. Use Step 2 (14 mg) for 6 weeks and Step 3 (7 mg) for 2 weeks.

How does this patch work?

  • Each NicoDerm CQ patch contains a special nicotine rate-controlling membrane that controls the release of nicotine into your bloodstream through your skin.
  • The level of nicotine uptake is lower than that of cigarettes and the program is designed to allow your body to gradually adjust to having less nicotine until you don’t need any.

What are the inactive ingredients?

  • Ethylene vinyl acetate-copolymer
  • Polyisobutylene and high density polyethylene between clear polyester backings

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How to apply NicoDerm CQ Patch?

  1. Do not remove the NicoDerm CQ patch from its sealed protective pouch until you are ready to use it. NicoDerm CQ patches will lose nicotine in the air if you store them out of the pouch.
  2. Choose a non-hairy, clean, dry area of skin. Do not put a NicoDerm CQ patch on skin that is burned, broken out, cut or irritated in any way. Make sure your skin is free of lotion or soap.
  3. Take the patch out of the pouch. Save the pouch for use at time of disposal. A clear, protective liner covers the sticky side of the NicoDerm CQ patch – the side that will be put on the skin. The liner has a slit down the middle to help you remove it from the patch. With the sticky side facing you, pull half the liner away from the NicoDerm CQ patch starting at the middle slit. Hold the NicoDerm CQ patch at one of the outside edges (touch the sticky side as little as possible), and pull off the other half of the protective liner. Place liner back in the pouch. Save pouch for disposing of the patch after use.
  4. Immediately apply the sticky side of the NicoDerm CQ patch to your skin. Press the patch firmly on your skin with the heel of your hand for at least 10 seconds. Make sure it sticks well to your skin, especially around the edges.
  5. Wash your hands when you have finished applying the NicoDerm CQ patch. Nicotine on your hands could get into your eyes and nose, and cause stinging, redness or more serious problems.
  6. After 16 or 24 hours, remove the patch you have been wearing. Fold the sticky ends of the used NicoDerm CQ patch together. Place in its pouch and discard where it will be out of reach of children and pets. Even used patches have enough nicotine to poison children and pets. Wash your hands.
  7. Choose a different place on your skin to apply the next NicoDerm CQ patch and repeat Steps 1 to 6. Do not apply a new patch to a previously used skin site for at least one week.


  • Ask a doctor before you use NicoDerm CQ products if you have:
    • Heart disease, recent heart attack or irregular heartbeat. Nicotine can increase your heart rate.
    • High blood pressure not controlled with medication. Nicotine can increase blood pressure
    • Stomach ulcer or diabetes
    • A history of seizures
    • An allergy to adhesive tape or have skin problems because you are more likely to get rashes.
  • Ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you are:
    • Using a non-nicotine stop smoking drug
    • Taking prescription medicine for depression or asthma. Your prescription dose may need to be adjusted
  • Stop use and ask a doctor if
    • Skin redness caused by the patch does not go away after four days, or if your skin swells, or you get a rash
    • Irregular heartbeat or palpitations occur
    • You get symptoms of nicotine overdose such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, weakness and rapid heartbeat
    • You have symptoms of an allergic reactions (such as difficulty breathing or rash)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long should I use NicoDerm CQ?

You should use NicoDerm CQ for the full 8 or 10 weeks, depending on which step you start with. It is important to complete treatment. However, if you find that you need to use NicoDerm CQ longer than 8 ̶ 10 weeks, the FDA has determined that is acceptable to do so in most cases. Talk to your doctor or healthcare provider if you feel the need to use NicoDerm CQ for longer than 8 ̶ 10 weeks.

2. How will I feel when I start using NicoDerm CQ?

Quitting smoking isn’t easy. But you’ll feel a lot better than you would if you quit cold turkey. That's because the NicoDerm CQ patch helps reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms, which can include things like depressed mood, insomnia, irritability, frustration, anxiety, and restlessness. And since the benefit of quitting smoking is such a positive thing for your body and mind, you should start to feel better, both physically and emotionally, because of the decision you’ve made.

3. Does NicoDerm CQ have side effects?

Because the active ingredient in NicoDerm CQ is a low, therapeutic dose of nicotine, side effects can include vivid dreams. Some users may experience skin irritation with use of the NicoDerm CQ patch. Carefully read the user guide inside your package for a complete list of possible side effects.

4. How long after my last cigarette can I start using NicoDerm CQ?

Choose a start date for your quit and begin to use NicoDerm CQ that day. Upon reviewing the published literature data on the use of NRT products like NicoDerm CQ, the FDA has determined that the use of NRT products with cigarettes does not raise significant concerns. Consult the user’s guide for complete directions and other important information.

5. Can I use NicoDerm CQ to help quit chewing tobacco, cigars, or pipe smoking?

No, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of NicoDerm CQ only as a stop-smoking aid for cigarette smoking.

6. Does the patch need to be placed on my arm?

No, NicoDerm CQ can be placed anywhere on the body that is clean and dry at the time of application. Each day apply a new patch to a different place on your skin that is dry, clean and hairless.

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