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DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine

DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine

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Note: All PAP devices (CPAP, AUTOCPAP, BIPAP AND AUTOBIPAP) require a prescription from a physician to dispense. The prescription should include the type of machine needed and the pressure setting(s).

Prescription can be Faxed to 1.203.616.2851 or can be

DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine combines pressure relief technology with optional humidification to increase comfort on a dual pressure machine. Bi-Flex is built into the device to soften the transition between the higher IPAP and the lower EPAP. Warm air from the humidifier and water chamber is provided to therapy air by integrating the optional heated humidifier with the machine. It is designed to increase patient acceptance and adherence while creating workplace efficiencies for the user and staff.

What Does DreamStation BiPAP Machine include?

  • DreamStation Heated Humidifier
  • Power Supply 
  • Power Cord
  • Carrying Case 
  • CPAP Hose  
  • SD Card 
  • Reusable Blue Pollen Filter
  • User Manual
  • Disposable Light-Blue Ultra-Fine Filter

DreamStation BiPAP Pro Features

  • Intuitive menu system: Graphics based menu inspired by smartphone navigation for ease of use 
  • Ambient light sensor: Automatically adjusts screen brightness for daytime or nighttime viewing 
  • Top-mounted hose outlet: Swivel outlet rotates 180° for freedom of movement 
  • Detachable humidifier: The humidifier separates to travel even lighter 
  • Simplified design: Easy access to water chamber for filling and cleaning 
  • Integrated Bluetooth: Wirelessly connects with DreamMapper or Alice NightOne portable sleep diagnostic system 
  • Daily progress feedback: Displays previous 3 nights therapy results to track progress 
  • SD Card and compliance codes: Easily share sleep data with the care team 
  • Two-step air filtration system: Ultra-fine filter provides additional filtration of very fine particles Has a powerful suite of features to support business and patients. Has an accessible and user-friendly menu designed to provide alerts and sleep results for CPAP users

DreamStation BiPAP Pro Machine Benefits

  • Optional Heated Humidifier
    • Integrate the machine and humidifier to help relieve dryness and congestion. With the unique ;Preheat; feature, the humidifier can begin warming the water chamber 30 minutes before the intended use. Ensure the blower is turned OFF and the humidifier is connected before selecting to preheat the device. The DreamStation device has the flexibility to be updated while in operation. Use the control dial to change the tube temperature or humidification settings. Please Note: The screen does not have touch screen capabilities
  • Bluetooth Connection to DreamMapper App
    • The DreamStation CPAP has a built-in bluetooth connection which allows the device to pair directly with the Philips Respironics DreamMapper mobile and web-based program. Enable the bluetooth feature and download the SleepMapper app onto a smartphone or tablet (not included) to begin reviewing detailed sleep results. The free app gives the user the opportunity to personalize the data tracking account.
    Please Note: The results are only available on one device at a time
  • EZ-Start Technology
    • Designed to reduce the user;s prescribed pressure setting during the first 30 days of operation. The intent is to adjust the user to the pressure by beginning with half of the prescribed pressure
    • Please Note: A minimum pressure of 5cm H2O is required to use the EZ-Start feature
    • After obtaining a successful session of 4 or more hours of sleep, EZ-Start will gradually increase the pressure by 1cm H2O. This process will continue for 30 days until the user reaches their recommended pressure. If the goal is not met before the first 30 days, EZ-Start is designed to begin increasing 1cm H2O per day until reaching the prescribed pressure. At the prescribed pressure, the machine will move into normal CPAP mode. To enable or disable EZ-Start, the machine must be in CPAP mode
  • Bi-Flex Pressure Relief
    • Feature used to create a more natural breathing pattern during CPAP therapy. The DreamStation BiPAP Pro uses Flex Technology to provide relief during three points in the breathing cycle. Pressure is reduced by 0.5 increments during the transition from exhalation to inhalation, inhalation to exhalation, and during exhalation. The Bi-Flex setting can be adjusted up to 1.5 cm H2O for maximum comfort.
  • Ramp and SmartRamp
    • Ramp is intended to gently increase CPAP pressure from half of the prescribed pressure to the full pressure within a chosen period of time. To operate the Ramp feature, a CPAP pressure of 4cm H2O is required. Then, choose a time ranging from 5 minutes to 45 minutes to allow the machine to build the pressure in increments of 0.5cm H2O before reaching the prescribed pressure
    • In BiPAP mode, SmartRamp uses an Auto algorithm to balance lower inhalation and exhalation pressures. The device begins the Ramp process with a reduced exhalation pressure. Changes to the pressure are made on a breath by breath basis, until an event is detected. Once the BiPAP Pro detects an event, the machine will return to the BiPAP mode in order to deliver the recommended EPAP and IPAP. If the minimum prescribed pressure is not reached before Ramp is complete, the pressure will increase by 1 cm H2O each minute until the device reaches the recommended pressure
  • Advanced Event Detection
    • PR uses a patented algorithm to monitor breathing patterns implemented to respond to abnormal pressure changes. The Auto-Trak system in this machine measures variable triggers and cycle thresholds to automatically adjust the pressure and compensate for leakage. This machine is designed to act proactively by identifying aspects of the breathing cycle.
    • Upon detecting an event, the REMStar Auto algorithm is set to respond by automatically adjusting pressure levels to clear the apnea. Within a few seconds, the DreamStation BIPAP Pro begins pulsing a series of pressures to determine if the apnea has been cleared
    • Proactive Performance: Proactive performance recognizes and controls early symptoms of flow limitation, which can lead to an actual obstruction or apnea. The Auto algorithm uses two airflow measurements to prevent pressures from becoming too high
    • Leak Management: The DreamStation BiPAP will monitor mask leaks and compare results against an expected leak rate. Pressure is adjusted automatically as needed to help maintain therapy pressure to the user, including the ability to reduce pressure to help re-establish a mask seal
    • Obstructive Sleep Apnea: OSA is defined as events that reduce 80% of airflow for a minimum of 10 seconds
    • Hypopnea: A hypopnea is an event that reduces 40% of airflow for a minimum of 10 seconds
    • Flow Limitation: Flow limitation is measured through four different baselines of the breathing waveform: Roundness, Flatness, Peak, and Shape
    • Vibratory Snoring: Snoring can sometimes imitate a hypopnea event. Advanced detection allows this machine to measure vibrations and partial airway blockage
    • RERAs: Respiratory Effort-Related Arousals differ from a hypopnea or snoring event in that a RERA shows increasing respiratory effort with each breath, culminating in a shift in brain wave activity and not necessarily a result of obstruction. Periodic breathing conditions such as Cheyne-Stokes respiration and central apneas are distinguishable from obstructed apnea or snoring events
    • SmartRamp: SmartRamp helps manage apnea events while users attempt to fall asleep. This DreamStation BiPAP Pro device can react to an event as the Ramp is progressing
  • LCD On-Screen Display
    • PRs DreamStation Series was built with a simplistic and practical LCD screen. While the User Interface is in use, the screen is well lit. As the lights in the room are dimmed, the screen;s sensor is designed expel the light from the screen
    • Please Note: The control dial is used to view the menu. The screen does not have touch screen capabilities
    • Sleep results are posted on the User Interface to display results and goals for sleep therapy
    • The first screen accounts for a "Three Night Summary" which is determined after 12pm on the third day of treatment. Refer to the User Interface to view the results as they update each day
    • Daily sleep compliance results are provided after the most recent session. If the user sleeps 4 or more hours, the session is considered successful, rendering a green bar on the right side of the screen. If the user does not reach the anticipated 4 hour mark, the therapy will be noted by a yellow bar in the right corner of the screen
    • The second screen is in place for the first 90 days unless the sleep goal is met before the completion of this time. The data details the number of compliant nights recorded over the previous 30 days. A minimum of 21 successful four hour nights is needed to reach the 70% desired goal in order to surpass the screen before the end of 90 days
  • Philips Respironics Dry Box
    • Dry Box technology was created to help reduce the chance of water damage when the OPTIONAL humidifier is used with the DreamStation machine. In the instance that water may escape from the chamber, the Dry Box is designed to trap the water within the walls of the unit to prevent water from traveling throughout the machine and humidifier connection. Additionally, the air outlet port uses a one way valve to prevent water from exiting the water chamber and entering the machine. The air outlet port is located on the top of the water chamber to help minimize total water displacement
  • System One Resistance Control
    • Developed by Respironics to help their machines reach the optimal pressure by using a numbering system which allows the CPAP device to recognize the mask. It achieves accuracy and reliability by instructing the device to compensate for the specific mask type. Please Note: PR masks are the only masks designed with a resistance control number, so this machine feature is only compatible with Philips Respironics masks
  • Note: Rx Item Available by Prescription Only

DreamStation Bipap Machine manual

What To Buy with BiPAP Machine?

How to use BiPAP Machine?

  • Connect to Bluetooth Wireless Technology
    •  Pair the DreamMapper mobile and web-based program with the DreamStation CPAP and BiPAP machines for detailed sleep results. Access the data by downloading the SleepMapper app onto a smartphone or tablet (not included). Please Note: The BiPAP;s wireless technology cannot connect to multiple devices at the same time. The technology is most proficient when the machine and mobile device make the connection in the same room. Before pairing the devices, be sure the Bluetooth setting has been enabled and the machine is powered OFF
    Pacemaker Safety Tips
    • Per the manufacturer, the Health Industry Manufacturers Association recommends a 6 inch distance between a pacemaker and a wireless device. Due to the bluetooth wireless technology which has been built into the machine, it is highly suggested that those with a pacemaker maintain a minimum distance of 6 inches from their machine
  • Humidification Tips
    Select one of the two modes:
    • Fixed Humidification: Select a number within the range of 0 to 5 to choose the humidity level. Level 0 represents a humidifier that has been turned OFF. Level 1 disperses the least amount of humidity, while Level 5 disperses the greatest amount of humidity. In Fixed mode, the humidifier will produce one level of humidity throughout therapy
    • Adaptive Humidification: In Adaptive mode, the humidifier will monitor the environment to produce the lowest level of humidity needed to prevent condensation in the hose. Adaptive humidification can adjust as the temperature in the room changes
    • Please Note: When a heated tube is added to therapy, the humidifier will automatically change to Heated Tube Humidification Mode. The temperature of the heated plate and heated hose can be changed, but the mode will remain locked in Heated Tube Humidification Mode while the hose is attached. Just as fixed humidification ranges from 0-5, the temperature of the heated tube can be adjusted by choosing a level from 0 to 5
    Compatible AC and DC Power Used to Operate the DreamStation
    • A power cord and the DreamStation 80 Watt Power Supply are included with the purchase of the DreamStation CPAP machine. Attach the power cord and the power supply before placing the 2 prong plug into the outlet. Turn the machine with the knob facing forward so the power cord connector snaps into the power inlet found on the left-hand side near the back of the machine. Caution: Avoid using an extension cord to operate the CPAP. Use the Shielded DC Cord to operate DreamStation devices from an resting vehicle battery. A 12 V DC battery is needed when the DC power cord is paired with a DC battery adapter cable. Caution: Only operate a DreamStation machine from DC power once the vehicle engine has been turned OFF

BiPAP Pro Machine Specifications

Particulars Specifications
Modes Fixed CPAP
Fixed BiPAP
Features EZ-Start
Pressure Range 4 to 25 cm H2O
Flex Comfort C-Flex
HumidificationModes (3) Fixed Adaptive Heated Tube
Mask Type Resistance Control Standard
Ramp (5-45 minutes) Standard SmartRamp
Altitude Compensation Automatic
Advanced EventDetection Standard
Flow Waveforms Standard
Modem Compatibility Standard (optional Cellular Modem or Wi-Fi Accessory)
Built-in Bluetooth Connectivity Standard
DreamMapper Compatibility Standard (by mobileapp or web)
Oximetry Compatibility Standard (optional Nonin accessories)
Check Mask Fit feature n/a
Performance Check Standard
Dimensions - Machine Alone 6.2 in L x 7.6 in W x 3.3 in H
(15.7 cm L x 19.3 cm W x 8.4 cm H)
Dimensions - Machine and OPTIONAL Humidifier (Excluding Air Outlet Port) 11.7 in L x 7.6 in W x 3.3 in H
( 29.7 cm L x 19.3 cm W x 8.4 cm H)
Weight - Machine Alone 1.56 lbs (0.71 kg)
Weight - Machine and Power Supply 2.94 lbs (1.33 kg)
Weight - Machine and OPTIONAL Humidifier with Power Supply 4.37 lbs (1.98 kg)
Weight - OPTIONAL Humidifier Alone 1.44 lbs (0.65kg)
Operating Temperature 41 degree F to 95 degree F (5 degree C to 35 degree C)
Storage Temperature -4 degree F to 140 degree F (-20 degree C to 60 degree C)
Relative Humidity (Operating & Storage) 15 to 95% (non-condensing)
Atmospheric Pressure 0 - 7500 ft (0 - 2286 m) (101 to 77 kPA)
AC Power Consumption (with 80W Power Supply) 100 - 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.0 - 1.0 A
DC Power Consumption 12 VDC, 6.67 A
Material Components - Pollen Filter 100% Polyester, 88% Efficient at 7 - 10 micron size
Material Components - Ultra-Fine Filter Blended Synthetic Fiber, 95% Efficient at 0.5 - 0.7 micron size
Compatible CPAP Tube Diameter 22mm Standard, 15mm Slim, 15H Heated Tube
Operating Frequency Range 2402 - 2480 MHz
Maximum Output Power 4.0 dBm
Sound Pressure Level (DreamStation CPAP) 25.8 dB(A) with an uncertainty of 2 db(A)
Sound Pressure Level (DreamStation CPAP and Humidifier) 27.9 dB(A) with an uncertainty of 2 db(A)
Sound Power Level (DreamStation CPAP) 33.8 dB(A) with an uncertainty of 2 db(A)
Sound Power Level (DreamStation CPAP and Humidifier) 35.9 dB(A) with an uncertainty of 2 db(A)


BiPAP Warranty

Beyond included 2-year warranty, an extended 3-year warranty option is available for purchase to give patients additional peace of mind.

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