Frequently Asked Questions on Gross Motor

What are gross motor skills?

Gross motor skills include larger movements that your child makes with his arms, legs, feet, or his entire body. Crawling, running, and jumping all are included in gross motor skills.

Why is gross motor developement necessary?

Working on gross motor skills is important as it helps a child to gain strength and confidence in his/her body. It also helps them in getting the neccessary exercise and physical activity, which is important for a healthy lifestyle.

What can be done to develop the gross motor skills in children?

Physical activities like jumping, balancing, swinging, overcoming obstructions help in the development of gross motor skills. HPFY offers a wide range of products that will provide your child a fun way of developing these gross motor skills.

How is bouncing beneficial to kids with autism?

Trampolines work in a therapeutic manner for children with autism because the bouncing motion feels good to the child and helps them in becoming aware of their body positions. A small, personalized trampoline like the Gonge Mono Trampoline ( will work perfectly for this exercize.        

How are balance balls helpful in gross motor development?

You should have a small-sized ball, the one made for children. Allow your child to sit, bounce, or even play on it, using his legs. No matter how the child sits or lays on the ball, he/she is challenged to balance, while strengthening his core muscles.