Frequently Asked Questions on Car Seats

Why a baby needs to be observed in the car seat?

Some infants who are born prematurely may experience breathing problems when they are sitting in a semi-reclined position in a child safety seat.

What are car seats?

Children with special needs, such as cerebral palsy, autism, or spinal cord problems require adaptive car seats or seat restraints for continued safety in cars or buses.

What are rear facing care seats?

Rear-facing seats provide required protection for many children with medical conditions. Maximum Weight ranges upto 30-35 pounds are not uncommon and allow some children with special health care needs to ride rear-facing for longer periods.

What are convertible car seats?

Convertible car seats may be used as rear-facing for infants and forward facing use for toddlers beyond 40 pounds and 40 inches. They can be "converted" from an infant seat to a toddler seat by making specific changes, as per directions by the manufacturer.

What are three - in - one car seats?

3-in-1 car safety seats, with upper harness has a weight limit as high as 65-90 pounds and provides children with special needs the opportunity to benefit from the protection offered by a five-point harness. These seats provide better positioning or comfort for children with neuromuscular or bone dysplasia conditions.