Frequently Asked Questions on Electrodes

How long do electrode pads last?

Usage of Electrodes or electrotherapy pads vary depending on skin condition, skin preparation, storage and climate. The effectiveness electrodes declines substantially with each successive use. Excessive use of electrodes (beyond 2-4 times) can decrease the effectiveness of the therapy.

What can be the limitations of electrodes?

Overuse of electrodes can lead to skin irritations.

How should one take care of their electrotherapy pads?

Clean the skin of any dirt or moisturizer before applying the electrotherapy pads to extend the life of the pads.

Why the electrode pads are not sticking?

Check that the protective plastic covering the pads has been removed. Electrode pads are water activated, dip your fingers into water and rub onto each pad. Stick the pads immediately to your skin while they are still wet.

Do electrotherapy pads sting?

The Electrotherapy pads must be moist and sticky to work. If not so, they will produce a weak and stinging sensation. Worn out pads may also produce a stinging sensation.