Frequently Asked Questions on manual Wheelchair

What are the various types of manual wheelchairs available?

Types of manual wheelchairs include standard manual wheelchairs, bariatric manual wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, bathroom manual wheelchairs, tilt in space manual wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs, folding manual wheelchairs, shower chairs and much more.

What are the features of a standard manual wheelchair?

Manual Wheelchairs have the below listed features

  • Large rear wheels allow the user to self-propel, grasping the rear wheels, that have an extended rim, called a handrim.
  • Some manual wheelchairs that are designed to be used as transport wheelchairs or transfer wheelchairs, are designed to be pushed from behind (Attendant propelled manual wheelchairs), feature much smaller rear wheels. They have a set of push handles that extend from the top of the wheelchair frame
  • The footrest and supports are removed and adjusted to increase comfort and aid transfers.
  • A braking system is commonly present in standard manual wheelchairs 
  • Anti-tip casters are an important feature for self-propelled wheelchairs, which extend from the rear of the wheelchair frame and prevent the wheelchair from tipping over thereby minimizing the possibility of falls. 
What is the weight capacity of a bariatric manual wheelchair?

Bariatric manual wheelchairs can accomodate patients with up to 700 lbs. weight.

What factors influence the choice of manual wheelchairs?

The considerations before choosing a wheelchair include:

  • The needs, abilities and limitations of the wheelchair user and the caregiver Transporting factors
  • Environmental factors
  • Budget