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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Underpad

An underpad is an absorbent incontinence pads which is used to protect beds and other furniture from exposure to urine. This product can be spread over sofas, chairs and beds to keep them dry by protecting them from accidental leakage. Underpads have varied color plastic backings and use polymer core which makes them highly absorbent.

Underpads are designed to not only leave the furniture dry but also keep your skin healthy. They have an ultra-absorbent polymer core which displays excellent absorbency powers. These pads are breathable with a waterproof, moisture barrier that keeps the furniture dry and clean. Apart from being furniture-friendly, the underpad is also cool and gentle on the body of the person lying or sitting on it. It absorbs moisture and keeps the skin of the incontinence sufferer dry and healthy. This prevents skin breakdown because skin in constant contact with urine, faeces or blood can result in infection and maceration.

Underpads are available in both reusable and disposable variety and in different sizes and colors. Disposable underpads are also referred to as chux and can be used as incontinence protection for mattresses as well as for potty training pets. The reusable variety can be washed and used multiple times and hence, are extremely cost effective.

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