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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions On Burn Dressings

Burn dressings treat varied types of burns which are:
  • First degree or superficial burns - determined through pain, redness, slight swelling and lack of blistering
  • Second degree burns - involving damage to the underlying skin layers
  • Third degree burns - involving damage to the dermis, surrounding nerves and indicated by waxen skin
  • Fourth degree burns - resulting in severe irreparable damage extending from the skin into the flesh

Burns dressings can be used to treat only first degree or superficial burns. For second-degree burns and beyond, only wound dressings prescribed by a clinician should be used.

Follow these steps to change a burn dressing:
  • Wash hands
  • Arrange for all supplies required in a hygienic area
  • Remove the old dressing and dispose of it
  • Wash hands again 
  • Wash the wound with mild soap and lukewarm water using a clean washcloth. 
  • Wash the area clean of loose skin and crusting
  • Dry off the wound surface with a clean towel
  • Place ointment dressing on the wound and cover with dry gauze
  • Wrap a sterile gauze roll loosely over the dressing and apply tape over the ends securing it

It is advised to change the burn dressing at least once a day. However, you may even require changing it twice a day.

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