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Burn Tidbits


White vinegar can keep your burn from getting infected. It also relieves pain, inflammation and itching. Soak a paper towel in a diluted vinegar and apply it gently to create a soothing compress.

Honey is the most natural remedy for burns. It has antibiotics which helps in preventing burns from getting infected. Honey’s natural properties help cool the burn, heal skin and relieve pain.

Use cool running water for nearly 15 minutes to prevent the injury from spreading.

Use white and minty toothpaste for instant relief. Keep the affected parts under running cold water. Pat dry with clean towel and apply a layer of toothpaste.

Apply natural aloe vera gel. It is a natural remedy to treat burns. It reduces inflammation and swelling and promotes skin repair and growth.

Black tea can help reduce the pain from burns. Dip a tea bag in cold water and immediately apply it on burn. Use gauze to hold it in place.