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The Comfort Company M2 Zero Elevation Wheelchair Cushion With Comfort-Tek Cover

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16"W x 16"L

SKU M2-F-1616
$370.00 Each

16"W x 18"L

SKU M2-F-1618
$370.00 Each

16"W x 20"L

SKU M2-F-1620
$370.00 Each

18"W x 16"L

SKU M2-F-1816
$370.00 Each

18"W x 18"L

SKU M2-F-1818
$370.00 Each

18"W x 20"L

SKU M2-F-1820
$370.00 Each

20"W x 16"L

SKU M2-F-2016
$370.00 Each

20"W x 18"L

SKU M2-F-2018
$370.00 Each

20"W x 20"L

SKU M2-F-2020
$370.00 Each

22"W x 16"L

SKU M2-F-2216
$397.00 Each

22"W x 18"L

SKU M2-F-2218
$397.00 Each

22"W x 20"L

SKU M2-F-2220
$397.00 Each

24"W x 16"L

SKU M2-F-2416
$397.00 Each

24"W x 18"L

SKU M2-F-2418
$397.00 Each

24"W x 20"L

SKU M2-F-2420
$397.00 Each
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The Comfort Company M2 Zero Elevation Wheelchair Cushion offers wheelchair riders superior pressure reduction and plush, cushioned seating. Deep medial and lateral leg contours, tapered leg abductors, and combined foam and gel pack construction are a few specific design elements that offer improved placement possibilities for various wheelchair users. The deep lateral and medial leg contours promote postural alignment, while the Coccyx relief cutout eliminates pressure on the tailbone and spine. 

The Comfort-Tek cushion cover option with its smooth and extremely soft polyurethane material combined with a high-stretch polyester backing, provides superior infection and incontinence protection. The surface is simple to clean with the most common disinfectants and free of latex.

The Comfort Company M2 Cushion Benefits

  • Comfortable, durable construction
  • Non-skid bottom fabric offers hook and loop attachment
  • Available in variety of sizes
  • Protect from pressure ulcers
  • Maintain skin integrity
  • Enhanced positional support
  • Offer maximum functional stability


Total: $370.00

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Comfort Company M2 Zero Elevation Wheelchair Cushion Features

  • Coccyx relief cutout that eliminates pressure on the tailbone and spine
  • Constructed with a dual-density foam, a molded foam base, and a Quadra3D Gel pack
  • The pressure-relieving Quadra3D gel pack reduces shear forces and heat build-up
  • Includes four three-dimensional compartments that evenly distribute gel under the seated surface
  • The Comfort Company M2 Cushion feature reflective piping to promote safety and protect the wheelchair user
  • Reflective piping has the ability to return a large portion of light directly back to the source it came from, allowing it to be seen from up to 500 feet away in low-light conditions

Comfort Company M2 Cushion Cover Technology

A new cover option adapted from leading prosthetics technology, GlideWear is designed to promote healing and reduce the risk of Pressure Injury through the use of the Shear Reduction Zone.
GlideWear provides:

  • Reduction of shear forces to increase skin protection
  • 100% breathability for microclimate control
  • Improved comfort from reduced friction

Comfort-Tek Fabric

  • Designed for infection control and as an incontinence barrier, this polyurethane material has a smooth and extremely soft top layer with a high-stretch polyester backing
  • Easily cleaned surface using most common disinfectants
  • Latex-free

What to buy with Comfortable Wheelchair Cushion

How to care and maintain Comfort Wheelchair cushion?

M2 Wheelchair Cushion Storage:

  • Cushion should be stored as an assembly. Do not store in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Only store in a clean and dry place at room temperature. 
  • Do not allow exposure cushion to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. This could age the cushion more rapidly and decrease its effectiveness. 
  • Prolonged exposure of foam components to any type of light causes discoloration. The foam is still usable if this happens; discoloration is purely cosmetic. 
  • Do not store where there is risk of open flame or spark

Comfort-Tek Cover Washing Instructions:

  • When possible, hand wash in warm water with mild detergent, rinse thoroughly with clean water, and air dry (let dry completely before use)
  • Or machine wash using common laundry detergent and tumble dry low
  • Do not steam clean or autoclave
  • Do not iron

M2 Zero Elevation User Manual

M2 Cushion Specifications

Options Front Rear Abductor Leg Through Weight Capacity
16 x 16 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 250lb
16 x 18 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 250lb
16 x 20 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 250lb
18 x 16 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 300lb
18 x 18 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 300lb
18 x 20 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 300lb
20 x 16 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 350lb
20 x 18 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 350lb
20 x 20 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 350lb
22 x 16 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 400lb
22 x 18 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 400lb
22 x 20 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 400lb
24 x 16 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 400lb
24 x 18 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 400lb
24 x 20 3.5" 3" 4.5" 3" 400lb


Particulars Specifications
Seat Thickness 4.25"
Inferior Thigh Support Thickness 3"
Medial Thigh Support Height 1.25"
Lateral Thigh Support Height 1.5"
Pelvic Contour Height 1.5"




Comfort M2 Cushion Reviews


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