Speak a Need Communicator
Speak a Need Communicator

Speak a Need Communicator

Brand/Manufacturer: ENABLING DEVICES

Speak a Need Communicator is a direct selection communicator designed for use by individuals with speech or communication disabilities. Designed to be simple and fast to program and use, this five-level communicator allows the recording of five different categories of needs such as food, bathing, and health needs. Once a category is chosen, pushing the red button sequences through a list of items (up to ten items) within that category.

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1254 4"H x 8-1/2"W x 4-1/2"D Each $11.94


  • Speak a Need Communicator requires 4 AAA batteries
  • Communicator can also work with external switches
  • For those who cannot verbalize

More Information

  • Operation:
    - Carefully turn unit over and remove the small screw from the battery
    - Slide the battery compartment cover off
    - Observing polarity, install four AAA size batteries (Not included) into the holder
    - Replace cover and screw
    - Only alkaline batteries must be used (e.g. Duracell or Energizer brand)
    - Do not use rechargeable batteries or any other type of batteries because they supply lower voltage and the unit will not perform properly
    - Never mix brands, types or old and new batteries together
  • Recording your Needs messages:
    - There are 5 levels (a level is a set or group of messages) with 10 Needs
    messages and 10 Response messages per level
    - Turn the unit on by turning the ON/OFF/VOLUME knob located on the bottom panel of the unit
    Note: When the unit is first turned ON it will default to Level 1
    - Identify five different categories of needs, one for each level
    - For example, food, drinks, bathing and health needs
    - The unit will beep once to indicate it is on the first level (or set) of needs
    - On the first level, record one set of needs (for example "drinks")
    - Press and HOLD the red record button on the bottom of the unit first
    - Next press and HOLD the red round plate switch on the top of the unit
    - Speak your message clearly, (for example "coffee") with your mouth preferably about 6" from the microphone (the small “fuzzy" circle on the back side of the unit) then release the round plate only, and continue to hold the red record button on the bottom of the unit
    - If only recording a Single message release both
    - If you wish to continue recording additional messages, press the switch plate again and record your next message in the exact same way
    - For each new message you must release only the top red round switch plate after each message is recorded
    - When finished recording release both the round plate and Record button
    - You have a maximum of 10 Needs messages per level
    - Messages have a maximum total recoding time of 3 seconds each, plan your messages accordingly
    - To record the next Level press both the red and yellow plate simultaneously, the unit will beep twice indicating it is now on Level 2
    - Another way to advance to the next Level is by pressing just the yellow plate 3 times
    - (If there are any recorded messages for the yellow plate you must wait between message playbacks before pressing the plate in order for it to advance to the next level)
    - The unit will again beep; the number of beeps will indicate what Level the unit is on
    - Record your next set of Needs messages as outlined previously
  • Recording your response messages:
    - After you have recorded all of your Needs messages (red plate) for the Level you are working on, you can now record the Responses (yellow plate) for each
    - After you record your last Needs message, pressing the round red plate
    will play the first recorded Needs message
    - After the message plays, press the record button then while holding the record button press the round yellow plate
    - While holding both buttons” speak into the microphone as before to record your Response message
    - For example if the Needs (red plate) message is Coffee, the Response (yellow plate) message could say “I would like coffee with milk and sugar"
    - When you are done recording release both buttons
    - To record the next Response for your second Needs message, press the round red plate to playback the next Needs message
    - After the message plays record the Response as before
    - Repeat these steps for any additional recordings
    Note: You can only have one Response message for each Needs message. The unit will retain recorded information indefinitely, even if the batteries are disconnected. Previously stored information will be erased only when a new recording is performed
    - This unit can also be activated by external switches
    - Simply plug in your switch or switches into the corresponding 1/8" inch female jacks
    - Make sure all connections are tight with no gaps
    - Your external switch or switches will work the same as if you were using the red and yellow plates
  • Important Notes:
    The memory of this unit is capable of holding up to a total of 300 seconds of speech information
  • Care of the Unit:
    - Speak a Need can be wiped clean with any mild household multi-purpose, nonabrasive cleaner and disinfectant
    - We recommend Simple Green, which is a non toxic biodegradable all-purpose cleaner
    - Do not use abrasive cleaners, as they will scratch the surface of the unit
    - Do not submerge the unit, as it will damage the electrical components

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