Sonic Boom Alarm Clock and Telephone Signaler with Super Shaker
Sonic Boom Alarm Clock and Telephone Signaler with Super Shaker

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock and Telephone Signaler with Super Shaker

Brand/Manufacturer: SONIC ALERT

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock and Telephone Signaler with Super Shaker has a built-in telephone signaler that will alert you when the telephone it is connected to is ringing. Ideal for deep sleepers, deaf or hard of hearing users, seniors or students.

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SBT425ss 5.5"W x 3"D x 5.5"H Each $2.20


  • Sonic Boom Alarm Clock and Telephone Signaler with Super Shaker has adjustable tone and volume control
  • Automatic display dimmer and snooze button
  • Built-in pulsating light bar above digital display
  • 9V battery backup, maintains time and alarm setting in the event of power failure (battery not included)
  • Hi and low dimmer switch
  • Powerful 12V bed shaker
  • Large 1" bright green LED display
  • Sound and vibration notification only
  • 113db extra loud pulsating audio alarm

More Information

  • Instructions:
    Setting the correct time:
    Press and hold the Time Button at the same time press the hour button to advance the clock display rapidly until the hour is correct
    - Press and hold the time button at the same time press the MIN button to advance the minute until the correct time is shown
    - A lighted dot in the upper left clock display indicates time is PM
    - For AM time indication, there is no lighted dot
    Setting the alarm time:
    Simply follow the instructions mentioned under " Setting the correct time" except that you will have to press the Alarm Button instead of the TIME Button
    - Make sure the alarm time is correctly set for AM or PM lighted dot indicates PM
    - Be sure to release the HOUR and MIN set buttons before releasing the ALARM button
    Waking To Alarm:
    Set Function Switch to choice of VIB/BUZZ or VIB or BUZZ
    - Set desired volume for Buzz sound
    - Set alarm wake time per instructions for setting alarm time above
    Battery Backup:
    To use battery backup, you can install a 9-volt alkaline battery in the back of the clock located under the battery cover
    - Battery not included
    Note the LED display will not show during power failure but the clock will still be running and keeping proper time until the power comes back
    Sleep Timer Operation:
    You may use the sleep function to have the radio on while you go to sleep
    - It will automatically shut itself off after the specified time
    - Make sure the Function Switch is NOT set to "ON" otherwise sleep function will not work and the radio will play continuously
    - Press sleep button and radio will play for an hour
    - You can also set sleep timer for other lengths of shut off time
    - Press and hold the sleep timer button. It will start at 59 minutes and countdown to 1 minute
    - Release sleep timer button once the desired sleep time is chosen
    Shutting Off Alarm:
    Alarm can be shut off temporary for the day or permanently shut off
    - When the alarm goes off, simply press the AL off button the alarm will shut itself off for the day and come back on the next day at the same time if alarm setting has not changed
    - To shut the alarm off permanently, slide function switch to off position
    - Alarm will not come on until Function Switch is set to "AUTO" or "ALARM" position
    Snooze Operation:
    SNOOZE button - press after alarm has sounded
    - The alarm will be turned off for 9 minutes for extra sleep
    - The alarm will come back again after 9 minutes
    - You may repeat up to 59 minutes
    Set the alarm time you wish and slide the VIB / BUZZ / OFF switch to the desired position.
    - Set to VIB for bed shaker and BUZZ for sound, or VIB/BUZZ for both
    Adjust the tone by rotating the tone wheel located on the right hand side just below the volume wheel until you reach desired level
    To adjust the volume rotate the wheel located on the upper right hand side
    Bed Shaker / Vibrator:
    Attach the bed shaker jack to the back of clock at VIBRATOR input
    - To turn on vibrator slide function switch to VIB or VIB/BUZZ position
    - Place vibrator under mattress or pillow
    AC-9V Power Input:
    Attach the AC power supply input to the back of clock at AC-9V IN next to the VIBRATOR input, smaller input of the two
    - Important do not confuse input with vibrator input

  • Operation of Telephone Signaler:
    Your telephone signaler alerts you‚  that your telephone is ringing by flashing the light above the clock display it will also set off the bed shaker and buzzer alarm sound automatically WHEN THE PHONE RINGSTelephone Signaler Installation:
    - Plug the modular phone plug from the back of the clock into a standard modular phone jack. (Use Jack type USOC RJIIC) the seven-foot cord is long enough to accommodate a variety of phone locations
    - However if the phone outlet is further away from the electrical outlet and you need a longer telephone line extension lines are available at Radio Shack or hardware stores
    - Plug the clocks 110 plug into any standard electrical outlet
    - Adjust the volume with the volume wheel on the right hand side
    - Adjust the tone with the wheel on the right hand side just below the volume
    - Set function switch to desired position for BUZZ or VIB or both
    - Use a phone 2 to 1 adapter (splitter) if you need to use the phone outlet with a telephone


1 year Sonic Alert blast-proof warranty

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