Nutricia XMTVI Analog Powdered Infant Medical Food
Nutricia XMTVI Analog Powdered Infant Medical Food

Nutricia XMTVI Analog Powdered Infant Medical Food


Nutricia XMTVI Analog Powdered Infant Medical Food is methionine, threonine, valine-free and isoleucine-low formula for the dietary management of vitamin B12 non-responsive methylmalonic acidemia or propionic acidemia. It contains a balanced mixture of all other essential and non-essential amino acids, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and trace elements (including iron, seleniumand chromium).

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118303 Unflavored, 400gm (14oz), Can Each $1.73


  • Nutricia XMTVI Analog Powdered Infant Medical Food provides 13gm of protein equivalent per 100gm of powder
  • Osmolality (at 15% w/v): 377 mOsm/kg
  • Indicated for:
    - Vitamin B12 non-responsive methylmalonic acidemia
    - Propionic acidemia

More Information

  • Directions for Preparation and Use:
    - Analog metabolic infant formulas must be consumed in conjunction with a whole protein source in quantities prescribed by a dietitian or physician to meet complete protein requirements and ensure normal growth
    - Formula dosage will vary depending on the age, body weight, medical condition and protein tolerance of the infant
    - Wash hands thoroughly and clean preparation area
    - Sterilize bottle feeding system
    - Boil water for 5 minutes and allow to cool for at least 30 minutes so that it feels warm to the wrist
    - Add the prescribed amount of Analog powder and a protein source to the sterilized feeding bottle
    - For accuracy, Analog should be weighed on a gram scale
    - If using the provided scoop, fill it and level off with a clean, dry knife
    - Do not press the powder into the scoop - Pour the required amount of cooled, boiled water into feeding bottle
    - To make the recommended dilution (21 kcal/oz), Analog requires 1fl oz (30mL) of water for every 5gm (1 unpacked, level scoop) of powder
    - Place cap on bottle and shake until powder has dissolved
    - Make sure the formula is lukewarm by placing a few drops on your wrist
    - Formula prepared in advance must be cooled rapidly, stored in the refrigerator (35°F to 40°F) and used within 24 hours of preparation
    - Shake immediately before use
    - Formula remaining in the bottle after one hour of feeding should be discarded
    - Tube feeding Hang Time should not exceed 4 hours
  • Precaution:
    Must only be consumed by infants with proven methylmalonic or propionic acidemia while under strict medical supervision
    - Not suitable as a sole source of nutrition
    - Not for parenteral use
  • Storage:
    - Store unopened can at room temperature
    - Do not store at extreme temperatures
    - Once opened, reseal can and store in a cool, dry place (not in refrigerator) and use within one month

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