Medline Biomask Antiviral Pleated Earloop Face Mask
Medline Biomask Antiviral Pleated Earloop Face Mask

Medline Biomask Antiviral Pleated Earloop Face Mask

Brand/Manufacturer: MEDLINE INDUSTRIES
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Medline Biomask Antiviral Pleated Earloop Face Mask has a hydrophilic plastic coating that rapidly absorbs aerosol droplets away from the outer surface of the mask. The first and second layers of the mask are treated with different compounds that inactivate influenza viruses. Rapid absorption ensures the influenza A and B viruses are wicked away from the outer surface.

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BIOM2001AZ Blue Face Mask 50/Pack $65.95 $40.65
BIOM2001A Blue Face Mask 50/Pack, 6Pk/Case $328.14 $233.95


  • Medline Biomask Antiviral Pleated Earloop Face Mask wicks away potentially infectious droplets in seconds
  • Inactivates 99.99% of viruses tested in 5 minutes of contact including pandemic influenza, H1N12
  • Safe and comfortable for user compliance
  • Important pandemic tool
  • Advanced infection control
  • In the outer active layer, viruses are inactivated by exposure to a low pH environment
  • ASTM F2100 requirement for level 3 barrier protection
  • Fluid penetration resistance: 160 mmHg
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency: =98%
  • Particulate filtration efficiency (0.1 microns): =98%
  • Passed differential pressure (mm H2 O / cm2)
  • High Barrier surgical facemask
  • Latex free

More Information

  • How the Active Layers Work:
    - Outer Layer: The outer white active layer is treated with a hydrophilic plastic coating that absorbs infectious droplets into and away from the outer surface of the mask and locks them inside. Viruses are inactivated on this outer layer by exposure to citric acid, which creates a low pH environment. This environment causes structural rearrangement of lipids and other structures, resulting in spontaneous denaturation and inactivation of the virus.
    - Inner Layer: Inside Biomask blue active layer, positively charged copper and zinc ions attach to influenza viruses by binding negatively-charged groups to present on all viruses. Influenza viruses are rapidly inactivated because structures are damaged and biomolecules are denatured.
  • Warning:
    This mask does not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection
    - Replace if damaged or soiled with blood or other bodily fluids.
    - Do not use if hypersensitive to copper or zinc
    - Ear adjuster may pose a choking hazard to young children if separated from the device.
    - Keep away from young children, discard appropriately
    - If mask becomes soiled please change to a new mask as the anti-viral agents may not be effective.
    - This mask does not contain natural rubber latex.For use in medical settings only.For adult use only
    - This medical face mask cannot stop the transmission of all germs in the air and does not eliminate the risk of disease or illness.
    - Practice good hygiene.
    - Sanitize hands frequently and refrain from touching nose, mouth or eyes.
    - Do not clean or sterilize for re-use.

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