Covidien Kendall Filac 3000 EZ Electronic Thermometer
Covidien Kendall Filac 3000 EZ  Electronic Thermometer

Covidien Kendall Filac 3000 EZ Electronic Thermometer

Brand/Manufacturer: COVIDIEN/MEDTRONIC

Covidien Kendall Filac 3000 EZ Electronic Thermometer is a fast, highly accurate and easy to use clinical instrument for measuring patient temperatures through oral or axillary means. Isolation chamber design and durable probe covers help minimize the chance of cross-contamination and enhance infection control measures.

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504000 With Four Feet Cord Each $15.00

Covidien Kendall Filac 3000 EZ Thermometer Features

  • Filac 3000 EZ Oral And Axillary Electronic Thermometer includes:
    • Oral probe
    • Push button probe cover ejection
  • Interchangeable, color-coded isolation chambers with matching probes
  • Compact, robust, user-friendly design will stand upright on a flat surface
  • Intuitive icon-based interface system with backlight LCD display
  • Audible indication of completion (beep sound)
  • Equipped with an electronic anti-theft system, self-calibrating electronics and auto on-off function
  • Uses 4 standard disposable AA batteries
  • Auto-on when the probe is withdrawn from the probe well
  • Auto-off conserves battery life
  • Low battery and dead battery indicators
  • Last temperature recall

Covidien Thermometer Instructions

Oral and Axillary Temperature Taking
  • Make certain that the blue isolation chamber/probe unit is attached.
  • Withdraw probe and apply a probe cover. The thermometer turns on automatically.
  • An icon identifying Oral or axillary mode is displayed.
  • Press the Site button on the front panel to select either the oral or axillary mode.
  • For oral temperatures, insert the probe tip deep into the sublingual pocket next to the frenulum linguae, (vertical fold of tissue in the middle of the tongue), on one side or the other, toward the back of the mouth.
  • Patients mouth must be closed.
  • Securely hold the probe in place until the temperature is displayed.
  • For axillary temperatures, have the patient raise the arm, then place the probe tip in the axilla. Press gently to assure good contact. For the most accurate temperature the probe tip should be placed directly against the patients skin.
  • Have the patient then lower the arm and remain as still as possible. Hold the probe parallel to the arm as shown.
  • If two short beeps are heard, it means the unit switched to direct (slow) mode for this temperature only.
  • A long beep is sounded when measurement is complete and the final temperature is displayed.
  • To change between Celsius and Fahrenheit scales, press the °C/°F button. Press again as needed.
  • Eject the used cover into a bio-waste container by pushing top button.
  • After returning the probe to the probe well, the temperature is stored for recall until the probe is once again withdrawn. If the probe is returned to the probe well before the long beep is heard, no temperature will be stored for the recall function.

Cleaning and Sterilization
  • The entire device may be easily wiped clean. Water temperature should not exceed 130° F (55° C). Do not submerge or soak under water.
  • A mild detergent may be added to water. Use of cleaners such as Spray NineTM, PhisohexTM, HibiclensTM, or Vesta-SydeTM CidexTM may result in damage to the thermometer case.
  • Use of 10:1 water and hypochlorite mixture or a damp isopropyl alcohol wipe occasionally, is acceptable. Prolonged and repeated use of these chemicals may result in damage to the thermometer case and display area.
  • Use of a cloth or sponge is recommended for cleaning. Abrasive pads may result in damage to the thermometer case and display area.
  • This thermometer is provided non-sterile. Do not use ethylene oxide gas, heat, autoclave, or any other harsh methods to sterilize this unit.
  • Isolation chambers may be replaced inexpensively instead of cleaning.
  • After cleaning the unit, shake the probe handle to drain out any excess solution. Thoroughly dry the electrical contacts on both probe and thermometer.

Mounting Instructions
  • To mount the filac 3000 electronic thermometer onto any vertical surface, a convenient mounting base is provided.
  • For hollow wall mounting, locate a stud and use the 2 screws provided. If mounting between studs, substitute 2 standard hollow wall anchors.
  • Rolling stand mounting brackets and pole clamps are also available for this device.

Covidien Kendall Filac 3000 EZ Thermometer Specification

 AccuracyQuick Mode: +/- 0.3 Degree C

Standard Mode: +/- 0.1 Degree C

Direct Mode: +/- 0.1 Degree C

Measurement Response TimeQuick Mode: <4 second Oral

Standard Mode: 10 to 15 second Axillary Rectal

Direct Mode: <60 second Oral, Axillary, Rectal

Ambient Operating Range10 degree C to 40 degree C (50 degree F to 104 degree
F) at 10% to 95% RH
Battery Life6,000 temperatures, 4AA Alkaline 1.5V batteries
Temperature Range30 degree C to 43.0 degree C (86.0 degree F to 109 degree F)
Storage Temperature Range
-25 degree C to 55 degree C (-13 degree F to 131degree F) at 95% RH (non-condensing)

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