FreshWaveIAQ Natural Odor Eliminator
FreshWaveIAQ Natural Odor Eliminator

FreshWaveIAQ Natural Odor Eliminator

Brand/Manufacturer: OMI INDUSTRIES

FreshWaveIAQ Natural Odor Eliminator preserves patient dignity by eliminating foul odors. Fresh Wave IAQ odor eliminator eliminates odor that come from bodily fluids and infectious wounds. Deodorize with a pH neutral odor eliminator with no irritating fragrances added. It provides multiple delivery methods to address every odor issue.

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FW568 1.25fl oz (37mL) Ostomy Drops 12/Case $0.86


  • FreshWaveIAQ Natural Odor Eliminator works on virtually every odor
  • Safe MSDS reads like water
  • HMIS Classifications:
    - Health - 0
    - Flammability - 0
    - Reactivity - 0
    - Protective Equipment - none
  • Flash Point - none
  • Non-toxic, per EPA guidelines
  • No hazardous VOCs
  • Ecological - Does not bioaccumulate
  • Green - Recognized for safer chemistry by the EPAs - Design for the Environment Program
  • Natural Ingredients:
    - Water
    - Lime
    - Pine Needles
    - Aniseed
    - Clove
    - Cedarwood

More Information

  • How Does it Work without Using Masking Agents:
    - Contact/Adsorbtion - Fresh Wave IAQ molecules released into the air or applied to surfaces make contact with odor molecules via opposing electrostatic charges and random contact.
    - Solubility - Fresh Wave IAQs formulation enhances the solubility of gases (all odors are gases).
    - Chemical Reaction - Fresh Wave IAQ modifies the odor molecule to a non-odorous state so that the odor can no longer be detected by the human olfactory system.
    - Biodegradation - Food for bacteria
  • Precautions for Safe Handling and Use:
    Steps to be taken in case material is released or spilled - Flush to drain with large quantities of water
    - Waste Disposal Method - Flush with water to drain
    - Precautions to be taken in handling and storing - Storage of product below 32 deg and above 85 degrees may cause layering
    - Other precautions - Wash with soap and water if exposed

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