Exsalt SD7 Wound Dressing With Ag Oxysalts Technology
Exsalt SD7 Wound Dressing With Ag Oxysalts Technology

Exsalt SD7 Wound Dressing With Ag Oxysalts Technology


Exsalt SD7 Wound Dressing with Ag Oxysalts Technology is a silver dressing for chronic and acute wounds that utilizes Ag Oxysalts Technology. Ag Oxysalts is a unique type of silver that delivers a quick and strong bacteria kill rate while at the same time being gentle on patients skin. Silver oxysalts offer higher oxidation states of silver (Ag2+, Ag3+) capable of interacting with microbial DNA, proteins and lipids, as well as provide potent oxidizing action through the increased power of Ag2+,3+ for advanced biocidal activity.

Highlights of Exsalt SD7 Wound Dressing
  • Silver in the +1,+2 and +3 valence states (highest oxidation state of silver available)
  • More active silver is available to interact with harmful microbes in a lower quantity
  • Broad spectrum antimicrobial action: Gram +/-, yeast and fungi
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Excellent antimicrobial activity with less total silver in dressing

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PN-09-0007 6" x 6" 5/Pack $1.51

Exsalt SD7 Wound Dressing Features

  • Powerfully interact with microbes without needing a high content of silver to be effective
  • Combines with a low silver content, makes the dressing safe and gentle to use
  • Demonstrates only a nominal shift in pH, providing comfort for patients without sacrificing biocidal activity
  • Rapid and sustained bactericidal activity
  • Cost effective, requires less silver
  • Two non-adherent polyethylene mesh wound contact layers and one absorbent core made of polyester
  • Smooth, breathable and flexible non-adherent, compatible with delicate skin
  • Quickly Kills 99.999% of a broad spectrum of bacteria
  • Disrupts and breaks down biofilm to expose bacteria
  • Kills bacteria for up to seven days
  • Minimal stinging or pain
  • Can be applied wet or dry, cut to shape to fit wound area, and folded/shaped for cavities
  • Polyester inner layer o ers absorbency and flexibility
  • Exsalt dressings can absorb five times their own weight and are compatible with other secondary dressings, such as KerraFoam and KerraMax Care dressings, if further absorption is required
  • Indicated for:
    - Partial and full thickness wounds
    - Decubitus ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, diabetic ulcers
    - First and second degree burns
    - Grafts and donor sites
    - Acute or chronic wounds
    - Debrided and grafted wounds

Power of Ag Oxysalts Technology

  • Silver is only effective at killing bacteria when it loses electrons in exudate. The more electrons that are lost, the more positively charged the silver becomes. This leads to a greater ability of silver to disrupt the normal function of the bacteria
  • Exsalt dressings with Ag Oxysalts Technology are designed to lose 3 electrons in exudate (Ag3+) to make it more effective at killing bacteria. Other silver dressings only lose one electron (Ag1+) making their silver less effective

Exsalt SD7 Wound Dressing Precautions

  • Do not use if package is opened or damaged
  • Do not re-sterilize. Single use only
  • For external use only
  • Should not be used on patients with a known sensitivity to silver
  • Not compatible with oil-based products, such as petrolatum
  • Not compatible with Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) procedures
  • Remove dressing prior to administering radiation therapy. A new dressing can be applied following treatment
  • Avoid contact with electrode and conductive gels during electronic measurements (e.g. EEG and ECG)
  • Store in a dry place (<77°F/25°C). Protect from light
  • Avoid exposure to temperatures above 120°F (50°C)
  • Frequent or prolonged use of this product may result in permanent discoloration of skin.

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