Drive D-Lite Aluminum Rollator With Tool Free Removable Wheels
Drive D-Lite Aluminum Rollator With Tool Free Removable Wheels

Drive D-Lite Aluminum Rollator With Tool Free Removable Wheels

Brand/Manufacturer: DRIVE MEDICAL
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Drive D-Lite Aluminum Rollator With Tool Free Removable Wheels has padded backrest with Mushroom Type button release for comfort. The cutout in padded seat provides easy one-handed folding while the seat lock prevents rollator from accidentally folding. Handles are ergonomic for easy grip and are height adjustable with self-threading knob.

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  • Drive D-Lite Aluminum Rollator With Tool Free Removable Wheels come with standard basket under the seat for easy transport of personal items
  • 8" casters are ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Tool-free removable front and rear wheels
  • Loop locks easy release without Snap-back
  • One piece release knob makes it easy to adjust handle height

More Information

  • Safety Precautions:
    - Please make sure the Rollator is fully opened, seat is down and the folding bar under seat is locked in the down position
    - Be sure that both knobs are fully tightened and are at equal heights. Test Rollator for stability before applying full weight to hand grips
    - Test the loop locks before operating the Rollator. When wheels are locked, lock bar on rear wheels should prevent wheels from turning. If the wheels turn while brakes are locked, please take unit back to dealer for adjustment. When locks are released, the wheels should turn freely
    - Always lock loop locks before sitting and do not use seat when unit is on an incline or uneven ground
    - Replace tires when significantly worn or damaged
    - Do not have anyone push you while you are seated on the Rollator. This is a walking aid only and is not to be used as a transportation device
  • Assembly Instructions:
    Do not attempt to adjust or operate Rollator without carefully reading all instructions in this manual.
    - First remove all contents from carton: backrest, handle with tube, Rollator frame and Basket.
    - Open frame and slide padded backrest into frame brackets making sure snap bottoms protrude through holes
    - Unscrew tightening knob from handle and insert handle tube into frame at desired height lining up holes appropriately. Slide bolts through holes from the inside and screw on tightening knob until secure.
    - Lay rollator on floor so seat is facing the floor and unfold the legs. Straighten the legs until rear leg hinges lock into place.
    - Turn rollator over so that the seat faces up. Insert front wheel into frame. Align wheel leg with screw hole. Be sure to fully seat the wheel until both spring pins lock into place. Secure in place using the lock pin. Tighten with allen wrench (enclosed).
  • Loop Lock Operation:
    Always engage and disengage wheel locks on both sides simultaneously.
    - To Slow Down or Come to a Temporary Stop — Pull up slowly on the loop locks with four fingers until unit slows down or comes to a temporary stop.
    - To Temporarily Lock Wheels in Position — Press down on both loop locks with palms until you hear a “click” that will tell you wheels are locked.
    - To Release Wheel Locks — Push up on both loop locks with palms of hand to original position.


Handle Height Highest37.5"
Handle Height Lowest31.5"
Unit Width24"
Unit Length28"
Seat Width13"
Seat Depth14"
Seat Height21"
Product Weight19lb
Weight Capacity300lb


Limited Lifetime warranty

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