Bon Vital Essential Oil
Bon Vital Essential Oil

Bon Vital Essential Oil

Brand/Manufacturer: BON VITAL, INC

Bon Vital Essential Oil is hundred percent pure and natural. It enables the user to blend the oil with cremes, lotions, gels and other hydrotherapy application, to customize the therapeutic benefits for a complete treatment. It can also be used in diffusers to enhance any room. Suitable for daily use, this mild and effective therapy is good for all skin types.

Item #DescPkgPrice 
BVAEOCAL10ML Calming Each $18.95 $11.65
BVAEOREL10ML Relaxation Each $16.65 $10.25
BVAEOSEN10ML Sensuality Each $18.95 $11.65
BVAEOSER10ML Serenity Each $18.95 $11.65
BVAEOVIT10ML Vitality Each $18.95 $11.65
BVAEOBALP10ML Balsam Peru Each $19.95 $12.65
BVAEOBER10ML Bergamot Each $23.85 $14.55
BVAEOCED10ML Cedarwood Each $16.65 $10.25
1174 Roman Chamomile Each $75.85 $55.95
BVAEOCIN10ML Cinnamon Leaf Each $13.65 $8.45
BVAEOEUC10ML Eucalyptus Each $14.45 $8.75
BVAEOGER10ML Geranium Each $23.85 $14.55
BVAEOGRA10ML Grapefruit Each $14.45 $8.75
BVAEOLAV10ML Lavender Each $18.95 $11.65
BVAEOLGR10ML Lemongrass Each $16.65 $10.25
BVAEOLIM10ML Lime Each $14.45 $8.75
BVAEOPAL10ML Palmarosa Each $14.45 $8.75
BVAEOPAT10ML Patchouli Each $23.85 $14.55
BVAEOPEP10ML Peppermint Each $14.45 $8.75
BVAEORMY10ML Rosemary Each $16.65 $10.25
BVAEOTEA10ML Tea Tree Each $18.95 $11.65
BVAEOYLA10ML Ylang Ylang Each $22.99 $15.95


  • Bon Vital Essential Oil is available in 0.35fl oz (10ml) bottle
  • Add them to your facial steamers, pedicure tubs, whirlpools, hydroculators, steam rooms, bath, stone therapy or treatments with moist towels
  • Ingredients: Dwarf Pine Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil, Rosemary Oil, Melissa Oil

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