Bestcare Liko And Guldmann High Back Sling With Head Support
Bestcare Liko And Guldmann High Back Sling With Head Support

Bestcare Liko And Guldmann High Back Sling With Head Support

Brand/Manufacturer: BESTCARE LLC
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Bestcare Liko And Guldmann High Back Sling With Head Support stays in the back to provide excellent support and posture for the back and head. Padding in the legs is superior to most other slings and helps with applying the sling. The stays in the back makes applying a sling much easier while patient is in a chair. It is made from durable and comfortable polyester with four strap loops that will work with any patient lift using hook type lift bars.

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
SL-GPH482 Medium, 38" W x 48" H Each $7.85
SL-GPH483 Large, 39.5" W x 54" H Each $7.85
SL-GPH484 X Large, 42" W x 56" H Each $7.85


  • Bestcare Liko And Guldmann High Back Sling With Head Support is designed for toileting transfers and other seated positions
  • U shaped design makes it easy to put on and adjust the sling with a patient in seated position
  • Suitable for 2 pt, 4 pt and 6 pt spreader bar
  • 600 Lbs weight capacity
  • Note : Patient lift shown in the image is not included.

More Information

  • Guideline for Identifying Deteriorated Slings
    - Completely Faded / Missing / Illegible Tag
    - Colors are not faded or show very little fading
    This is a good indicator that the sling may have been washed with bleach at high temperature
    - The label is made from material that is less resilient to chemical attack and will usually deteriorate long before the loop straps, bindings, or main body fabric
    - Extreme Curling / Permanent Wrinkles of loop straps can set in when the slings are dried at high heat or dried over an extended period of time
    - Heat combined with bleach or other chemicals will intensify the chemical action
    - In addition to the loop straps, the back strap and sling handles if present will also show the permanent creases
    - Permanent creases will tend towards its original wrinkled position even when stretched out
    - Strap Brittleness / Stiffness / Surface and Edge Abrasion are additional indicators that the sling may have been laundered in unsuitable conditions and has loss tensile strength
    - Loop straps that have stiffened or become brittle will tend remain in the state, position, or shape it is bent into instead of returning into a normal relaxed state
    - Permanent crease, wrinkles along with brittleness increase chance that the fabric will suffer more damage from abrasion, internal fiber abrasion as well as external abrasion with other objects
    - Wash cycles with excessive agitation will increase abrasion and degradation of the fabric
    - Decomposition of Edge Binding and other components of the sling are clear indicators of degradation from chemical treatment
    - Color loss and a chalky appearance is common
    - Stitching (comprised of a different material) may still be intact
    - Surface Abrasion / Color Loss especially at creases or areas frequent use
    - Stiffened or brittle fabric will usually wear excessively around the creases and areas that come into frequent contact with other object
    - The surface and edge abrasion is a result of this and will usually be accompanied by loss of color with a chalky appearance
  • Causes of Deterioration Due to Laundry Conditions
    - Chemical degradation
    - Temperature or high heat damage
    - Mechanical/Wash Action can contribute to the accelerated deterioration of the slings, especially if they have been subjected to the above conditions


6 months warranty

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are guldmann and volaro slings compatible/
vickie - 5/1/2017 1:31:46 PM
answer image
Dear Sir/Madam, thanks for your inquiry. We'll try to get back to you shortly regarding this.
Customer Care - 5/6/2017 9:06:59 AM
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Is this product washable if not which is best way to clean?
Gurney Hayes - 4/19/2017 12:20:16 PM
answer image
Yes, Bestcare Liko And Guldmann High Back Sling With Head Support is washable.
Customer Care - 4/21/2017 5:06:22 AM
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