Frequently Asked Questions on Scooters

Can a mobility scooter roll down a slope?

No. Mobility Scooters have an automatic electronic braking system that prevents the unit from rolling forwards or backwards on a slope without user intervention.

How long does it take to recharge a mobility scooter battery?

It is not recommended to fully empty the battery before recharging. In the event that the battery is completely discharged, it will take from 7 to 10 hours to fully recharge.

Will the scooter work in rain or snow?

Do not ride if rain is heavy and may possibly soak the control panel. Ride very slowly through puddles. Do not ride if snow is deeper than 1/2 the height of your wheels.

Can you ride on the road with a mobility scooter?

The scooter is a "pedestrian mobility device", and is intended for use on sidewalks. You should only ride on the roadway when no sidewalk is available. Always ride with care.

How long should mobility scooter batteries last before they need to be replaced?

The battery life depends on how often you use your scooter, but you could be looking at around 18 months to two years. When a scooter battery is fading, you’ll notice its capacity will reduce and you won''t be able to travel the distances you once did on a single charge.

Can You take a mobility scooter on a plane?

You must contact the airline in advance and provide details about your scooter to obtain prior permission. They''re likely to ask you for the make, model, weight, size and whether it folds or dismantles. You’ll also need to know what type of battery your scooter has, and its weight.

Does a mobility scooter require licensing?
No, a mobility scooter does not need licencing.