Frequently Asked Questions on Diaper Rash

What are the symptoms of a diaper rash?

Diaper rash is indicated by redness in the areas, the skin may be wrm to touch. The areas may be raised with either dry flaky skin or bumps (dry bumps or fluid filled bumps).

How much diaper rash cream should be applied?

Wash and dry your hands prior to application. Using your fingers apply a generous quantity of rash cream covering all the areas of diaper rash. Do not massage or apply pressure over the areas as the the skin is very delecate and fragile.

Should the diaper rash cream be applied everywhere or just on the rashes?

It is best to cover the entire area where the diaper touches to avoid the diaper rash spreading in other areas.

What should be done to prevent diaper rashes?

It is recommended to change wet or soiled diapers right away followed by a gentle wipe in the diaper area and pat dry. You must check the diaper at least every two hours as you may not always know when your baby needs a change. In newborns or babies with diaper rash and/or diarrhea, you must check even more frequently. Super-absorbent disposable diapers may reduce the incidence of diaper rash. But you must change your baby’s diaper often, even if it does not feel wet.

When is a baby at risk of a diaper rash?
Risk factors of diaper rashes may include:
  • Infrequent diaper changes
  • Friction from rough diapers
  • Improper laundering of diapers
  • Family history of skin allergies
  • Hot, humid weather
  • Diarrhea
What are the signs of a yeast rash?
  • Yeast rashes are bright red and raw
  • Covers a large area and is surrounded by red dots
  • Doesn''t disappear in 3-4 days with treatment
Do diaper rashes spread?

No, Normal diaper rashes do not spread. A diaper rash is just an irritation against baby’s skin and is a break or near break of the skin, which can commonly be caused by excessive moisture or friction. But they must be treated with utmost care as it is a cause of discomfort for the baby. If a diaper rash spreads then it may be a yeast infection and not a rash. Contact your doctor in that case.

Is a prescription required for a normal diaper rash cream?

In most cases you do not need a prescription for a rash cream. However, for extreme cases of diaper rash, a stronger, more medicated diaper rash cream may be needed, for which prescription creams are available.

Is it safe to apply rash cream in order to prevent a diaper rash?

Yes a normal moisturising rash cream can be applied to the areas where the diaper touches the skin to prevent a diaper rash.