Frequently Asked Questions on Bath Lifts

What is a bath lift?

A bath lift is a powered lift that is designed to raise and lower you in and out of the tub. Bath lifts are great option for those people who require a helping hand with their daily bathing regime. Bath lifts are completely safe for use in water.

How do bath lifts work?

Bath lifts gently lower the user into the tub in a comfortable seated position by instruction from a hand remote control device. The powered lift conveniently raises users up to a level as the top of the bath tub so that they don’t have to struggle when getting out.

Is it necessary to drain the water out of the tub to use the bath lift?

No, Bath lifts are safe to use in water so it is not necessary to empty the bath tub every time before using them.

Do bath lifts fit into all the tubs?

Bath lifts have a specific raising height. Please check the depth of your bath tub and the height of the bath lift before buying the lift.

At what intervals should the bath lift battery needs to be charged?

You must charge the bath lift each time before using it to avoid the problems caused due to a low charge.