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Frequently Asked Questions On Bath Lifts

A bath lift is a powered device that is designed to raise and lower a person in and out of a bath tub. Bath lifts are a great option for those who require a helping hand with their daily bathing regime. They are completely safe for use in water.

Bath lifts gently lower the bather into the tub in a comfortable seated position by a hand-held remote control device. After bathing, the powered lift safely lifts the bather to the top of the edge of the bath tub for easy exiting.

No, bath lifts are safe to use in water so it is not necessary to empty the bath tub.

Bath lifts have a specific raising height. Measure the depth of your bath tub and the height of the bath lift before buying the lift.

The bath lift must be fully charged before each use to avoid any issues caused by a low charge.

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